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Alright, so here is part 3! @Helixx
Also, I thought @BBxGD that you might like it....maybe.....and @SaiT you too, since you both write as well. :P I hope you don't mind me tagging you!
You hand him your phone, still a little worried he might not like his picture on your phone, after all wouldn’t most people think it creepy to see their face on someone else’s phone? ‘I know I would think it weird… and very creepy…’ You think while watching him from under your bangs.
He accepts your phone and starts tapping away, and soon some of the music on your phone starts playing. “Hello Bitches” by CL starts playing and he grooves in his seat to it, just like he had years ago in the club, Jong Kook and Ji-Hyo clap and start talking in Korean to each other about how amazing it is to have found someone who loves k-pop in the market place today.
“Do you play this in your club too?” You laugh and nod, singing along with CL. “I’ll have to stop by, with your invitation of course” He winks before tapping some more into your phone. His pocket rings and you realize he very suavely got your number by texting his own phone.
Laughing you lightly hit his arm before accepting your phone back. “That was very chik, Jiyong-oppa!” He just grins before taking out his phone and adding you to his contacts. You decide right then that he could do whatever he wants as long as he continues to smile. The memory of how tired he looked the years before entering the military makes seeing him so carefree and happy a refreshing change.
You hesitate before cautiously asking how his time in the military went. He shrugs before answering with a small smile. “I didn’t really do much, just a lot of drills and exercising. It’s nice to be out though. I wrote songs everyday, we’ll be releasing a new album soon.” Your eyes get big before you ask if only Top, Young Bae, and Jiyong would be in the album. “Yea, Seungri and Daesung are in the military right now. They did a few solo albums, before going in and they will be released with the albums the three of us did.” He admits before leaning in and whispering, “But it’s a surprise for the VIPs, so shh” At his ‘shh’ and finger to your lips you feel a shiver go through your body.
‘Oh, my god. He….did he just touch my lips!’ You think in aw before touching your lips with your fingers and hiding your huge smile.
“So how old are you Y/N?” Kim Jong Kook asks, joining your conversation as they turn down another street.
You look up and remember that this will all probably be on tv and online but not caring. “I was born in 1991.” You answer, bowing your head in greeting again.
“Ohh, you’re very young.” Kim Jong Kook says, looking up into the mirror before talking in rapid fire Korean to GD and Ji-Hyo. You smile and just look out the window, thinking to yourself that if this gets aired, you can just look for it subbed and find out what they were saying. Sure, you understand a few Korean words, and you know enough to get by with introductions and asking for help to find stuff, but you hadn’t gotten advanced enough to be fluent.
You look up in surprise as the car stops, and then you gasp as GD pulls you out of the car. You hadn’t realized he was still holding your hand, throughout the whole car ride. As he leads you out of the car you shade your eyes against the sun, as unlike the shaded Market place the sun was out in full blast at the amusement park. You hear GD yell something in Korean at one of the PDs, and watch as a flurry of movement occurs before one of them comes forward with a pair of sunglasses.
“Kamsahmnida” You saw quietly, hoping your pronunciation was ok. The PD smiled and nodded while bowing back, and you turn to GD and say the same to him, watching his smile cover his face.
“You’re Welcome.” He replies in english before leaning closer to you. “You don’t have to talk in Korean you know. They will simply add subtitles for you, you can be comfortable.” He says softly, his breath brushing your ear and making you suppress a shiver.
You smile before responding, “I know, but I feel better actually speaking a little Korean. I did study some, but I didn’t become fluent. I know the basics. I’m just glad you and Kim Jong Kook Oppa are here. I’d probably be really embarrassed otherwise.” You admit, while flicking open the glasses with one hand to put them on. You try to do it one handed but fail a few times and sigh sadly. You didn’t want to let go of his hand, but it would seem you would have to in order to save your eyes from the bright sun.
“Here, let me…” You look over at GD and then look down as he uses his free hand to grab the other side of the glasses. You suppress a huge grin as he helps you put on the sun glasses by taking care of one side while you did the other. Your team work went very well and much too soon the glasses were on and you could now look around without having to worry about people knowing that you were staring.
You bow your head before looking at GD and thanking him quietly in English, not trusting yourself to say the words in Korean. “No problem. The sun is very bright today, would you like an umbrella?” You pause and think a moment before shaking you head no, murmmering about getting a tan. “Your skin is so soft, it would be sad if you get burnt though.” He mentions, frowning in concern.
“Oh, don’t you worry about me.” You say, laughing in light amusement at the thought of burning. “I have on spf 40, and I never burn easily. I was once at the beach all day with no sunblock and didn’t burn at all. In fact, I hardly got a tan. I promise I’ll be fine.” He simply shrugs before pulling you to follow after Jong Kook and Ji-Hyo. You follow happily, simply pleased and still in disbelief that you were going to spend a whole day with THE Kwon Ji-Yong, G Dragon.
Your team arrives at one of the rollercoaster rides and you do a mental fist pump. You know exactly what the mission is going to be, but in order to play along you pretend to be oblivious as the PD explains the mission. Kim Jong Kook turns to you and explains that the four of you would have to choose a song and ride in the rollercoaster, and the team would have to get a 60 in the rankings.
“Why only 60? Shouldn’t it be higher?” You ask Ji-Yong as you follow behind him to the ride.
He turns back and helps you into the ride before sitting beside you. “It, I think it’s because we have very special guests today, you and your friends. Although, I have a feeling we wont have any problem getting above 60.” He says with a big smile, winking at you behind his sun glasses.
You laugh and nod in agreement. “As long as I know the song they choose. Hopefully it’s one of yours or BigBangs songs. I know a few from other bands, but I love all of your songs so much I know all the words.” ‘That I can pronounce right.’ You finish in your thoughts while swallowing nervously.
He laughs before turning to the PD and asking him to play Good Boy. The PD nods before holding out his hand and saying something in Korean. GD turns and slowly reaches up to the sunglasses you just received. You blink before holding still as he cups your face. You can’t help your heart beat speeding up, or how you stare into his sunglasses, wishing you could see his eyes. “Forgive me, we can’t have glasses on the ride.” He says as he takes off your sunglasses.
You swallow your sigh before nodding. “I understand, it’s unsafe.”
He nods before taking off his hat and sunglasses himself and handing them to the PD with a nod. The PD backs off and he turns back to you only to find you occupied with his hair. “Do you like it?” He asks, reaching up subconsciously to his hair.
You nod quickly and fist your hand to keep from reaching to touch his hair. “I love it. I don’t think I’ve seen you do this before, have I?” You ask, continuing to look at his new post military hair.
It was black and red, the hair closest to his head was red, a very bright red, and the tips were black. It looked very sexy on him. For a 31 year old he still looked very young, of course. His facial structure helped with that, plus his immaculate skin and his overall personality. “I’ve done stuff close to this, but not this particular color.” He admitted, smiling shyly. “You think the other VIPs will like it?”
You laugh before shaking your head. “You know they love your hair, and all of the members hair, no matter what it is, you could be bald and we would all still love you.” You say quietly, so the tvs wouldn’t hear you. You still didn’t have a microphone affixed to your clothes, so only his words would be heard clearly. If you whisper they wont hear anything, which you took advantage of easily.
Ji-Yong laughs as the ride starts to go.
@@After the ride@@
You scream along with Ji-Hyo and high five as the score of 92 was shown on the tv moniter. G Dragon high fives Jong Kook before hugging you as the other teams all exclaim in wonder at your team passing at the first try. You grin at your two friends over G Dragons shoulder and they give you a thumbs up discreetly. Sarah even winked at you with a huge smile on her face.
You let go of GD at the same time he releases you and you step aside with the team to watch the others try. You know that if they do the songs your friends like most of bigbang then they would pass easy, but you really want to see them at least try it. Plus, the PD had said that the team with the highest score would get a special hint about the final mission, and the only way to get that was to stay until the end of the mission at the roller coaster.
Melanie and TOPs team choice was bang bang bang, and you knew that once it reached the chorus you would hear Melanie’s voice over the distance the coaster would have.
“That’s the song she said she liked from your phone, right?” GD asked, leaning against the railing next to you.
You nod and hum a little bit. “Yup. When the song first came out, I played it on repeat all the time at the factory job I was working at the time.”
He choked on the water he was drinking and laughed a little bit. “You played it on repeat?” He smiled wide and laughed before you could reply. “That is a huge compliment.”
You blush before accepting the bottle of water Ji-Hyo offered to you and taking a sip. “Yup. I played all of the songs on repeat at that job. And not just in my ear phones, I became known as the woman with k-pop music by all the other employees. And that wasn’t my only job, I also worked in a brewery and would play it in the kitchen.”
GD looked at you in speculation before turning to give you his full attention. “How did you go from working two jobs to owning your own club? That seems like a big leap.”
You nod and smile sadly. “It was a very difficult journey that took a very long time. I’m sure you don’t want to hear about it, it’s really very boring.” You turn away and shift to look at the screen as your friend came back. Seeing the score flash on the screen you make the appropriate noise as her team just barely passed the score they would need by getting a 62.
“You go girl~!” You shout, clapping excitedly as Melanie is helped from her seat by TOP. “I knew you could do it!”
Melanie rolled her eyes before walking over to you with TOP and the RM members behind her. “I’ll have you know, this is all your fault that I was able to sing it at all. This one,” She slapped Gwang soo’s arm without turning to look at him, making him make the ‘ay’ sound and smile that upset smile of his. “Messed up the whole song. If he had kept quiet we would have gotten a higher score.”
You laugh as Jae Suk starts ribbing Gwang Soo. That is one of your favorite parts of RM, when the members torment Gwang Soo. You know its all in good fun, so watching it live is just awesome and you can’t resist grinning. You can’t join in because they are talking in rapid Korean, but you can follow the conversation a little by watching their expressions.
Next was Sarah and TaeYang’s teams turn, and you watched anxiously as they chose Knock Out. It wasn’t one of TaeYangs songs, but it was the one she was most confident with so it made sense that they would chooe that one. The few songs she liked by TaeYand weren’t really roller coaster style songs anyways.
You watch as she gets in beside TaeYang, laughing with him and it makes you happy both of your friends are having a good time. You look around for Melanie but realize your friend and her team had already left since they knew they wouldn’t get the hint already. Taking out your phone you text her and ask if she has killed Gwang soo yet.
Mel: No, but it might happen soon. Boy still keeps trying to make me happy -.-
You: Lol, come on, he might be a betrayer but you know you enjoy watching him get brutalized.
Mel: This is true, theres something to be said for how often he betrays and doesn’t learn his lesson.
You laugh to yourself before closing your phone and putting it back in your pocket. You feel someone pull on your sleeve and look over to see Ji-Yong looking at you expectantly before gesturing to your friend getting off the roller coaster. You look over and squeal at the score. “Oh my god! Good job Sarah!!!” You yell while jumping up and down. She grinned before waving back at you and following Suk Jin over to the railing.
“I wasn’t even trying! I think the guys did all the work.” She said, nudging them all in the side. Taeyang laughed before shaking his head.
“She was loud.” He said, his eyes smiling at you before turning to look back at your laughing friend. “She sang very well, for someone who claims to not be a VIP.” He teased nudging her back.
Haha started making a joke and Jong Kook pulled him away before looking at his team. “We got the highest score, so we’ll get the hint!” He said, gesturing for the opposing team to leave.
Haha laughed before saying something in Korean that Jong Kook had to reply to and Ji-Hyo entered the conversation at that point. Sensing a huge discussion about to happen you grab Sarah and discreetly walk away with her. “So, are you really having fun?”
She nods and smiles. You haven’t been friends with her as long as Melanie, so you couldn’t tell 100% on how she was feeling, and you would never forgive yourself for making her time miserable.
“Oh yea, I’m having a blast. The drive over was funny, Taeyang told me a few things about GD that you’re going to be interested in.” She whispered back before looking around. “I’ll tell you later though, okay?”
“What? Why can’t you-“
“Are you ready to hear the hint?” G Dragon’s voice behind you made you stop in mid sentence before turning and looking at him. He had a huge smile on his face while looking at you and your friend.
“Sarah! You ready to go?” Taeyang asked, walking up and holding out his hand. Sarah smiled and nodded before putting her hand in his and allowing him to lead her away.
You wave good bye before turning and accepting the hand he held out to you to lead you over to the PD for the hint. Once you were all there the PD started talking quietly in Korean with the three listening intently. You took the time to let go of GD’s hand and put your sunglasses back on since you wouldn’t have to go on the ride again. You were still impressed that Sarah had helped get a 80 on the karaoke score.
Once the PD was done the others looked at each other before leading you to the car. Knowing better than to ask what he had said since Sarahs team had Haha and he had a history of eavesdropping on the conversations of others, you stayed silent until you got into the car.
“Alright, so what did he say? I only caught a few words?” You ask, looking at the others curiously.
Jong Kook turned in his seat to look at you before answering. “The last part will not be a individual race, it will be a couple race. The couples will be decided in the next mission. Also, there will be two Golden Microphones, and the couple that finds or has them both at the end of the race wins.”
“Ohhh, wow. So basically he explained the rest of the race.” You said, looking at GD in surprise. “They usually don’t do that…”
He shrugged before leaning back against the seat of the car and stretching out a little. “The next mission is going to be at a large maze, on Jeju island, so it will be a while before we actually get there.”
You sit back in surprise before laughing. “No Way! That is awesome. The girls and I were just talking about needing to go there on this trip. And this is free admission for us!” You say happily, smiling at GD happily.
He smiles back before tilting his head in curiosity. “That’s the first smile I’ve seen from you since the last question I asked.”
You blink before shrugging. “I’ve smiled other times between then and now, I’m sure.”
He slowly shakes his head. “Not at me you haven’t…”
You bite your lip before turning and looking out the window. He grabs your arm to get your attention and you hesitantly look back at him. “Don’t keep your smiles from me, Y/N. I didn’t mean to pry. I was merely curious and wanted to get to know you better.”
Sighing you smile at him to make him feel better. You don’t like the thought of being the cause of a sad GD. “I know. I just don’t want it broadcasted. I know that they use whatever they want on the show, nothing is off limits, and I don’t want to share this with the world.”
Ji-Yong blinks before nodding in understanding. He’s silent for a moment longer before shifting his body and grabbing both of your hands into his. “Then let me have you to myself once Running Man is done?”
Thank you for reading! the next part will be up tomorrow or Monday! Tell me what you think :-P
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