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How was Hyunbin like when he's in the army?
It feels like yesterday to me when Hyunbin enlisted in the army. I remember I planned to travel to Korea that summer and was wondering whether I could bump into him by chance, only to got very upset finding out that he would be going to the army before I arrive. Two years later and he is as a much manlier person! We will be seeing him soon in his first historical movie "King's Wrath". Have you ever wondered how he was like during his army days? I have, always, and finally my question is answered! Actor Oh Jong Hyuk, who was briefly in the same marine corps as Hyunbin, revealed that Hyunbin was just as charismatic his image on screen. He said “I remember him as being very strict. Rather him forcing himself as a soldier of higher rank, he was calm but put his foot down firmly on issues he considered was wrong”, testifying to Hyun Bin’s dignity. (allkpop) This just makes me admire him so much more. Can't wait for his movie!
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@christy will it be your first time in Korea? Hope you can bump into him! My experience is that it's not easy to see celebrities on the street though :(