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Tinder is one of the new ways for single people to "connect."
It seems as if everyone is on Tinder trying to meet someone new. Due to the ability to meet a wide range of people in a short period of time, the app has taken off.
Apparently, their is a method to the madness. Narrowing your location is key, but according to sources, the timing you swipe also plays a pivotal factor in success.
Turns out that to maximize your likes, you’ve got to log on in the evening and keep swiping till midnight.
According to Cosmopolitan, Tinder’s not crawling with users before 6pm or after 2am.
From Cosmopolitan:
"Data from Nielsen showed Tinder users are most active around 9 p.m., beginning to spike a few hours beforehand. The research firm found activity on the app begins to heat up around 6 p.m. most days and peaks at 9 p.m., with about 51.64 percent of the audience active in that hour. After 10 p.m., your chance of finding someone to hook up with crashes, with only 6 percent of users swiping. Only 1 percent of users checked the app after 2 a.m."
So if you're trying to successfully set up a "Netflix & Chill" session, log on Tinder at the proper time. Stats show that you won't regret it.
ohhhh what do you mean by that @Ayoubghrs? like getting the later version of the app?
@nicolejb to be more precise, Tinder 4.35 is the last version in which you can see last time users were active. I'm not on Tinder though, but I had to try the app during a boring weekend.
this is great info! part of my strategy when I open a tinder account
you can also downgrade Tinder app so you can see last time people were online, just to avoid wasting sweeps on inactive profiles...