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Do you guys ever wake up from a Kpop dream and go "wtf?"
Well, that's what happened to me...
But my wtf are usually when it's an idol that's not even my bias (these happen more often than my actual biases .-. ) *Jungkook: "sure whatever you say" **sips tea** *
Yes Jungkook....well at least I try not bias them (I'm always in denial with some idols)
Anyways...my dream this time involved Seventeen
I'll start off by telling you that these guys are my biases in the group. Woozi is 1st and the rest vary from time to time.
But in my dream, none of them had the "male lead" Not a bad thing that it was another member, but it would have been nice to be one of my bias of Seventeen :) ._. ...
So who was it you may ask? Well there's only 8 members left so take a wild guess, you may get it right! :D
Are you guys ready to know the answer?!?!? Drumroll please! *tom-tom drum rolling across stage*
DK was the lead role! I honestly love his voice but I don't consider him as my bias. But it was weird when I woke up. I was like...what?...
Anyways...it was not a dramatic dream where he does something heroic and what-not. It was pretty simple. We were just talking and laughing. Apparently for a long time too because it cause me to be really late for work (still talking about my dream, not reality) fast forward to the time I get out of work, I notice that the other members were still hanging around, but they were getting to leave. I ran to them, and asked where DK was...they told me that he went back to where I was to see me before he left (so cheesy, I love it 馃槃鉂わ笍) I ran back and we met halfway, and he was saying something...
But the smell of pancakes in the morning woke me up 馃槀馃槄 This was weird, but I felt the need to share it with you guys 馃槉 anybody else have dreams that doesn't mainly involve their main bias? Or just a weird Kpop dream? .-. 馃槉
I had a dream I was a backup dancer for Zion T and afterwards backstage Suho asked me to babysit EXO and ran off. Sehun was a total brat until I said he was my favorite... I woke up so confused 馃槀
@ShawnaWise omg Suho though 馃槀 took the chance when he saw it
@flxvour tbh I was sleeping one time and my mom heated up steak eft over from when she went to a restaurant the night before and she came upstairs and put it near my nose and I instantly woke up 馃槀馃槶馃槶馃槶
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