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"Who am I "

So I was tagged in this by @MadAndrea. I thought it would be fun so let's get to it!
let's get started! 1. As you can tell I have naturally curly hair! I love it and would never trade it for anything in the world! 2. I'm Mexican American and live in the U.S. of A. 3. I am 16 years old and had a quinceanera. If you dont know what a quinceanera is allow me to enliughten you! It is a Mexican , maybe latin i dont know, tradition where at the age of 15 there is a coming of age ceremony and huge party where the family comes together and they celebrate you going into women hood it is a beautiful tradition where we get to wear a beautiful gown it is in the first picture below. 4.I don't wear makeup I only wear mascara. This is due to my parents being strict. 5. I am pansexual, I had a hard time accepting it because of my parents but now I have been able to be myself! 6. I am the thin types of girls and no matter what I do I can't gain weight so I hate it honestly I would love to be a little more meaty. Especially because I love food and I can't gain weight even if I eat a lot! 7. I am very athletic and love to play sports, and I love to dance too. I never knew that dance class was so hard! 8. I speak 2 languages, English and Spanish, I'm currently learning Hangul or Korean. If you guys have any tips or recommendations please do tell me! 9. I grew up being christian but because my parents are so strict I don't believe in religion. I believe in God but not one single religion in fact I have adopted different religions like Christianity, Buddhism, and confusionism. 10. I don't know if I'm tall but I'm 5'5.5. ( the .5 counts) 11. The first kpop group I ever saw and heard was Nu'est and I love them! 11. My ultimate kpop group is BTS. ARMY FIGHTING!!! 12. My favorite American artists are Eminem, Sia, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem!! Eminem has been a great inspiration in my life besides Kpop. 13. I used to be a directioner but after kpop I just couldn't. I'm currently a Belieber and whatever you call Zayns fan. 14. I learned of Kpop because of a school project where we had to present an album and analyze it. ( I did the neighbourhood) This girl in my class did BTS and after that I found myself being BTS trash. The surprises life has on you. Thanks to her now I live and breathe Kpop! 15. I want to move to Korea someday! Now that you know about me I want to leave you with some pictures of my kpop babes!
I'm not a model BTW just so you know that was my quince dress. And aren't these boys amazing omg I just can't anymore with them.
I can't believe I wasted 3 years of my life with One Direction like where was I when Exo debuted? My dumbass was singing what make you beautiful. Ugh anyways I wish I would have gotten into kpop much sooner!
There you go! These are my favorites and as you can tell I just can't get enough of BTS! I hope you liked this! Tags: @BulletproofV @MadAndrea @thePinkPreincess @CreeTheOtaku @SugaOnTop @VKookie47 @amobigbang
lol me either like mostly I know about bi's but not pansexuals it feels good to finally meet someone @Isolate
i wish i was naturally thin 😥 and dude, pansexual buddies! *highfive?* (lol i dont usually see anyone thats pansexual so i was like *GASP* WHAT)
soo cutexD
@KeylaMoreno yes I did
really that's cool! quince buddies I guess lol! @VKookie47 Did you have fun at the quince @CreeTheOtaku
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