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Alright, so in response to @TylerDurso card, I'm posting my top 3 90's anime. I'm supposed to tag these Mods I think they're called too. @tbell2 @VoidX @hikaymm @Danse @InVinsybll So let's jump in to this...
Also, Princess Mononoke is the title pic, but not "officially" included, because it's a movie. However, watching this on Encore action channel back in like 2000 or so really had a huge influence on my anime viewing experience, and I'll never forget watching ot the first time. Okay onward we go! [some spoilers ahead]


Tenchi was way back when on the ever popular Toonami block. I originally got into Tebchi Muyo! (the original OVA's) but also really enjoy Tenchi Universe. Tenchi Muyo had the three goddesses and a really cool (and hilarious) flow to it. Unfortunately, the show ended at only 13 epsiodes without any conclusion. They made newer episodes of the OVA's YEARS later, and they were awesome, but also incredibly confusing. Universe was a sort of retellong of the show made for Japanese TV. Universe is right up there with the original OVA's especially because they included Kiyone Makibi, Mihoshi's Galaxy Police partner. I really really wush they had brought her into the OVAs, but instead, we got another new character. Anyways, I have fond memories cheering on Ryoko, and laughing at all the comedy of this early harem shows, if that's what it is.


This show was sooo awesome guys! This was a Space Western, with a Nior sort of tone woth anime comedy intertwined. Many people consider this a rip-off of Cowboy Bebop, since they are really similar, and came out around the same time. However, they really just have the same, very specific genre. Gene Starwind and his crew were really fun to watch. Aisha Clan Clan was easily my favorite character od the show, and the English cast did a great job! This too was on Toonami, and feels really underrated. If you get a chance, watch this' it's great!


YEESSSSSSS. This was not my first anime (I feel like Speed Racer was lol) but I did see it way back in the day when it first premiered here in the States (I think). My Dad showed me the second episode when I was five (like 96) and I was instantly hooked that day. I continued to watch it on early Toonami (with Moltar, Sailor Moon, Ronin Warriors, Thunder Cats, etc.) and even remember watching the episode where the Ocean Dub was replaced by FUNimation's. I then watched all the way through to Cell (and all the Namek reruns). Around Anroid saga or right acter Cell (I forget) we started buying the VHS tapes with like 3-4 episodes on each, and finished the show before TV did. Not to mention all the movies. Then came Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball GT, and now I wait for DBS dubs!
there just so many great anime in the 90's great list.
Yeah great job! Thanks for this!
Princess Mononoke!!!! yesss good choice!
Thanks! It's my favorite really. I technically saw Totoro first, but I was like 4 lol.
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