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Oh what is happening? I wanna know who is the guy next do? do you want to know?
You stop and look at the guy standing there. You looking at the guy opening the door across from your apartment door. "Why are you here?" You ask the guy. Your boyfriend look at you then him. "Do you know him?" Your boyfriend asked. "Are you following me?" You ask. He looks at you and laugh. He shakes his head, he looks at you and your boyfriend. "I live here, just for if you don't know what I mean. it's means this is my house and you are my neighbor." He said rudely. He opens his door and walked in. He didn't even look at you. You stand there looking at the shut down. You was so mad at him for doing that to you. But you forgot that your boyfriend was there looking at you and him. "What is going on? who is that guy?" He asked. You realize that you got mad at him in front of your boyfriend. "Oh.. He just a guy I bumped into today on my to get you." You lied.
It's morning and you wake up and realize that your boyfriend is gone to work. You go to the kitchen and see the breakfast on the table. You walk closer and saw the note next to your food. "I hope you have a wonderful day my love. and also I love you." You smile at his note, your heart flutters knowing you have a good boy friend. As you was about to eat you saw what time it was. "CRAP!! I'm late for work." You yell. You rush to get dress and falls as you do. You tried to put your shoes on but you have trouble. You finally got your shoes and head out the door. Before you head to the elevator you look at the mystery boy door. You finally arrived at work. Your friend is looking at you in worry. "OMG I can't believe how late you are." She said. "Our new boss is here he is in his office and he wants to meet you, and also he is sexy." She said smiling. You walk to his office, you open the and you see your boss back turn towards you. "Hello sir I'm Y/N and I'm your secretary." You said. He turned around and you dropped every thing and looked at him. You can't believe that he is your boss.
Omg what is happening? Why is he your boss? What is going to happen next? @@amandamuska @@Thepinkprincess @EMEALIA @BBxGD @KpopGaby @KellyOConnor
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please tag me
why Kookie why?? You have to be my new neighbor and my new Boss!!!😳 ugh you messing with my feels❤ tag me in the next one
please tag me