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A Man Gives The Most ‘Chill’ Interview After Sustaining A Gunshot Wound
For someone who just got shot, Devon Hawkins seems pretty relaxed.
Recently, the Illinois native linked with the news to discuss the shots that blazed through his house earlier that evening. “I’m in the room chilling, kicking like I usually do. Drinking. Then somebody shot right through my back window, hit me in the chest,” he explained. Devon mentions that his son was in the room while he got shot and that he only suffered “a little petty wound” before showing the blood soaked bandage off to the camera.
After watching this, two things popped in my head:
1-This guy has an incredible tolerance level for pain
2-The News couldn't give this guy a day of rest before getting this interview? My god!
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you've just my day hahaha
2 years ago·Reply
wow. that's the chillest dude ever
2 years ago·Reply
lol WOW
2 years ago·Reply
😯 whaaaaa so chill about everything.
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