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Too bad, I may not be able to travel this summer. So my travel list for this week is only SEOUL. What is your travel destination of this summer? Tell me, and share with me, :( I do not want to be dead boring here in Seoul without traveling @yinofyang @selimhong @minyk2002 @carlosdang @Saravy @alise @roberlam @nollakolla @sofiemuller @shoenami @MoonMinYeon @brenda996 @leah961025 @oj1992
@davidkang Cool!! Do you have any tips to tell me where to go in Seoul ? I would love to know more and explore more this city !!!!
yes, I am living in Seoul where filled with coooool stuff.
@ouahoo I always want to travel to Turkey, but the problem at the moment is I do not have time for travelling at the moment :)
@alise Ok if you cometo Vietnam, then let me know a word, I would give you some tip for travelling, or I could ask my sister to show you around !
@davidkang thank you so much !! are you from Seoul ?
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