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Confessions of a single girl!
Soooooo, as a single girl I play a lot of Voltage games on my phone, and, well, I wanted to admit it to someones who would understand! So here's my question, single or not, has anyone else played these games too?
It makes my day infinitely better when I play these games, and I get totally involved in the story and romance. Lol. It's embarrassing mostly, but I'm so addicted! Someone should make a Kpop version, lol.
Obligatory VIXX pictures!
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I actually have no idea what they are! Could you explain more?? Or maybe make a card introducing them??
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@AlloBaber absolutely!!
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Yay!! @DianaBell Looking forward to it! :D
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what are voltage games?
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@InVinsybll I'm glad you asked! Because I'm going to make a series of cards that highlight each different game! Look forward to it! (I sound like an anime character, lol!)
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