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Sitting on a log, looking at the lake. Tricolored lake, in a daze. Listening to the waves. Wishing to be a loon on that Lake. Diving into that icey water. People see me, some do not. With such speed, vanishing into its depths. Present time, looking up and down the soft beach. Scattered with drift wood. New appearing rocks with each coming wave. Crashing on the beach, feeling alone and free. Not a care in the world, though it all comes to an end. For when the time comes, we must leave. I won't leave, physically yes but not spiritually. My being belongs to you. A slave to your peace, to your waves crashing upon the beach. I don't want to leave you, but it must be done. Till next we meet. Your mesmerized slave. Till next time my Superior... ~~poem and photo by me~~
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@arnelli thank you? Lol
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