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Ok so I heard that B-Free wants to bitch slap BTS if he sees them again. I don't understand that but what I do understand it that fans can take thing too far. Such as what the army's are doing right now. Like honesty B-Free if you bitch slap BTS I will pimp slap you and then call you my bitch. But real talk army's need to chill like he apologized and that it BTS didn't make a fuss over it. The only reason why BTS wants to bitch slap BTS it because of us the army's which is kind of embarrassing (not really but you get it) and why can't they be on with it. (sorry for the inappropriate language). So please army's stop with this we are better we get mad when other group fans do this let's be the better person and just accept the apology and go on with life. What do you guys think about B-Free wanting to bitch slap BTS? I would pimp slap him if he touch BTS (lol if I can get to Korea to do it).
Well, whoever B-Free is, that guy should think before he talks. It's definitely not good for him to talk shit about BTS, but what about us? We're going to look like a terrible fandom if we gang up on this guy, so I think the best for us to do is just sit back, chillax, and just be proud that were ARMYs.
@midajah1998 yes like if they are real armys they shouldnt be over here keep on telling bfree to apologize if bts was okay with the first apologize he gave them
@SofiaFifi true wise one
B-free would just add more fuel to the fire if he did that. Every BTS fan would be responding aggressively and it wouldn't solve anything.
like @CurrySoop said we just need to chill because I know that I get upset when other fandom's do this to BTS so it must be the same for his fans too. But we also have to be the better person because if we gang up on him we're not going to make the problem better. But....
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