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B Gata H Kei, not for all Viewers!

Hiya Vinglers! So I started watching this anime this weekend and I only have 3 episodes left! haha X3

WARNING: This Ecchi is NOT for all viewers!! Viewer's Discretion Adviced!!

So far I'm enjoying it just because I find the plot to be hilarious!
Yamada is not your typical 15 year girl. haha She is very beautiful and very popular with the boys but one thing that keeps bothering her is that she hasn't lost her virginity and is too embarrassed about it but determined to lose it with a loser/nerd. She is absolutely crazy and not appropriate at all. What's funny is how she handles the situations leading up to her moment.
Now even though she wants to just lose it and leave Kosuda, she can't. She starts to fall in love with him and messes up any chance she gets because she chickens out! haha
But by FAR my favorite character in this anime is Takeshita she is the best because even tho her best friend is a litte...wierd... she is there to help and support her no matter what!
Check out a sneak peek! This is in dub, but the sub is fantastic as well! So have you seen this anime? Did you like it? No spoilers please! (X
lol this anime may be pretty dirty but its really funny to me πŸ˜‚
it's pretty hillarious
@Kirik according to myanimelist its "anime that contains a lot of sexual innuendo.."
What's the definition of ecchi? I've seen it around thought it was lesbian, but this doesn't sound like it, so...what definition do you use please?
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