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Faithfulness is very important to me, I've been hurt by cheaters before and my trust in people is very low. So I would say no, as much as I want to say yes, I would only say yes if I wasn't happy in my current relationship and couldn't work things out, and going through a divorce.
It kills me but I have to say no. Faithfulness is soooo important to me in a relationship!
The thing is, if your UB knows that you're in a relationship and still asks you out, wouldn't you be kind of disillusioned and feel a bit let down? It might be flattering but it isn't exactly a nice position to put you in.
well yes because atm single and only dating myself....but if i were in a relationship then no (as much as it hurts me ChimChim)
but i guess if i had a relationship it all depends. like, am i happy? is it a good relationship? am i friends with the idol or is it completely random? lol *overthinks it*
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