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I've been tagged by alot of people and finally have time to do this...
1. This shirt describes my life it's just missing KPop and animals also...
2. I started watching my first anime two days ago! (if you have any suggestions I would love them)
3. My eyes are the only thing I like about me
4. speaking of eyes... I can not put anything near them without freaking out so I can't wear makeup
5. I'm terrified of clowns --- Story time : I read the book It then watched the movie. Then my sister loved clowns so she had a bunch of porcelain clown dolls around her room. When I went to visit it was dark and all you could see was the clown faces so it terrified me so bad that I'm still afraid of them.
6. I love scary movies but they don't love me. meaning I always scare myself thinking about the movie at night... 7. my favorite horror films are: Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (also why I love history's song Psycho because it's based off that) Carrie (preferably 1976 version also love the book) Pet Semetary (the boy who played Gage was so such a good actor)
8. I love Star Wars (I have lightsaber chopsticks)
9. I have weird dreams all the time! 10. The weirdest dream I ever had was: Freddy Krueger was chasing me on a beach then all of a sudden a whale squishes him. So I stop running and start laughing at him. Then a dancing pancake with a bowtie comes and starts laughing to.
11. My dream cars are a light blue 1959 Thunderbird convertible and a Black with red interior 1957 Chevy Bel Air don't judge me :)
12. I'm running out of things to put... lets spirit animal is a wolf
13. When I can't think of what to say I usually blurt out something that makes no sense. For example : "fish sticks!" or "Taco unicorns!"
14. I can't stand when my movies are out of order !! They have to be categorized by production studio (Universal, Disney, MGM, Fox, etc.) then by type of movie (animated, action, musicals, etc.) then by year it came out then alphabetized. I spend hours reorganizing my movies if I get a bunch of new ones.
15. Yay you've reached the last one :) I'm surprised I made it this far... so for the last fact I am pretty sure people think I'm secretly planning their deaths ... true story ... I have a resting bitch face so bad that I literally look like I could kill someone any minute but it is the exact opposite... or is it... you'll never know...
thanks for participating πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Love your taste in movies.. I once told miko (the guy who played gage) that if it was weird that my crush on him started after I saw him in pet semetary.. He said "yes perv XD" made me love the movie more Lol
Plus I once had a dream my friend was a giant and she ate me...weird I know haha
You have nice eyes.Lol when you were talking about what you do with your movies sounds like with what I do with dishes-have to keep them organized a certain way!
sword art!! YES awesome card \(>,<)/
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