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Okay. Let me just start by saying, 'I love him so much! I even made a nickname for him. Coupness is his nickname! I just wanna hug him! He can be so cute sometimes.' S. Coups. I can't even. I have a strong feeling that he is my #4 bias-wrecker from Seventeen. He's just so......I can't explain right now. Who else loves this cute man?!?
i admit that when i first saw him i didnt think he was that attractive and now now i am absolutely in love with all of these boys' faces 😂 including him
He was my bias when I was getting into seventeen because he has a unique look but then....Wonwon came by and I never looked back sorry scoupies....(although i have three biases for the three teams...theres DK, Wonwon and Dino)
I think he became my newest bias wrecker in thei Q&A video...