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I was tagged by @jessicaacosta90 and @destiny1419. I will try not to make this long ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Let's start with the basic stuff, and then I'll work to the climax

1. I love anything oriental

all of it is just...ahhhhhh!! Even the food ^∆^

2. I prefer Asians

'nuff said lol

3. I love taking pictures

especially with my polaroid camera. I find it very relaxing and eye-opening

4. I love to write fanfictions ❤

writing from other people's P.O.V. is very entertaining to me

5. I hate when people yell and fight

I just want peaceeeeee ✌

6. I like to take care of all my friends

I put myself in their shoes and just try to make them feel good about themselves, and look at all the positives. I just believe everyone is beautiful, truthfully.

7. I am an awkward mute

untilll you get to know me, and then I am STILL awkward and not much of a mute lol

8. I replay things that have already happened and make the same face I made in those flashbacks, without realizing it

(like I'm reliving the moment) this kind of reminds me of Xiumin lol

9. I chew on straws

every time I get a drink at a restaurant, I just bend the top of the straw and drink it like that (so I don't have to pick it up) cause I prefer the lazy route

10. I am the "innocent" and "cute" one in all of my friendships

I am nicknamed so many things like 'small child' and 'chipmunk' ~and I don't even try

11. I am always sleepy

and I can sleep anywhere at any time XD I am Suga

12. I say sorry too much

*bumps into someone* sorry *steps on dog's foot* sorry *gets scratched by edge of table* sorry *trips over wire* sorry

13. I love bubbles

they have always been a part of my life growing up, and they are my spirit animal

14. I save all of my money

My motto is 'every penny counts'. So I like saving all the money I receive for a rainy day. (code name for BTS concert, but my parents don't know that yet ;)

15. I have kidney problems

I went to the hospital for the first time when I was really little for my first kidney infection. I've had 2 kidney infections (one of them was recent) and 1 kidney stone...maybe more?

BONUS: I am really short

I am a junior in high school, and I am about 4'11 and a half. My sister, who is 12 (3 years younger than me) is about a half inch taller than me

So that's me! Are we alike in any way?

@Gladness thank you!! ^-^ @JohnEvans same here. It's hard for me to make. conversation lol
@4dalientae I'm an awkward mute too..let's just say talking to me is not that comforting until you get to know me lol
I say sorry to anybody...if I bump into and it was he other person's fault I still say sorry XD I didn't know anybody else..that's cool
@jessicaacosta90 me too, but I don't think anyone can do it as good as 'Rap mon' XD @ChelseaGarcia @SunnyV thats awesome!! @TesneemElAlami haha, you can relate to everything?
You sound like a fun person!!
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