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Ok everyone it's what you've all been waiting for. the final chapter. hope you all enjoy and thanks a bunch for sticking with me. its really encouraged me to write more fanfics in the future. if you haven't read parts 1-5 links are listed below part1: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1367029?shsrc=v part2: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1367960?shsrc=v part3: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1369757?shsrc=v part4: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1370264?shsrc=v part5: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1377739?shsrc=v
even with my eyes closed I could see the blinding light flash through my kids. my eyes immediately flew open as I felt yoongi push me behind him shielding me with his body. I tried to peak around him but he pushed me back and turned to face the direction of the flash. "well now I followed you hoping to meet Rapmon's girlfriend, but instead I find BTS's Suga and an unknown girl together. so either you have a girlfriend too, you and rapmon have the same girlfriend, or this is Rapmon's girlfriend and you have a thing for her....what to write, what to write." "how about you write nothing since you have nothing to write" yoongi sneered. "see but I can't do that." the voice said. "I have a picture now you see....and a picture is worth a thousand words. I wonder what words this picture will say? I can see the headlines now 'Rapmon's new girlfriend a cheat?'. or 'Suga has a girlfriend?'" "Enough!" yoongi yelled. I had never heard him so angry and I was very worried about an article appearing in tomorrow's tabloids. I needed to talk to namjoon! "what do you want?" yoongi muttered with a hint of defeat. "just an exclusive interview with the young lady. I know no one else got one tonight." "no way!" yoongi said stepping forward toward the reporter. I quickly grabbed the back of his shirt holding him back. "I'll tell you what...I'll leave my card here for the young lady if she decides to talk. I'll give her 3 days. If I don't hear from her I run the story." he said bowing before placing his card on a wooden post outside my apartment building and backing away slowly in mock surrender. he chuckled before walking away whistling to himself. yoongi turned to me after he was sure the reporter was gone. "are you ok?" he asked, his voice smothered in concern. "I'm ok" I nodded letting out a breath I didn't even realize i had been holding. I took the card and looked at it...although I hadn't seen the slime ball's face, with yoongi standing in front of me the entire time, the name sounded familiar. I quickly pocketed it just as namjoon came pulling up in the car. as soon as he got out I ran to him and threw my arms around him, almost knocking him over. he hugged me back slightly confused by the tightness of my hold. "I'm sorry I couldn't come until now but I finally just shook off the last reporter." he said stroking my hair." I shook my head burying my face in his strong and secure chest. "what's the matter baby girl?" he asked. he didn't even need to see my expression to know something was off. I was startled by the sound of a throat clearing from behind. I turned my head to see yoongi shuffling his feet and staring at the ground. as soon as I had landed in namjoon's arms I had kind of forgotten that yoongi was behind us. a sudden sense of guilt began to take over. yoongi looked up at namjoon "we need to talk" he said "inside."
namjoon looked at yoongi and saw the seriousness in his face. he nodded before wrapping an arm around my shoulder and leading me inside followed close behind by yoongi. Namjoon ran a frustrated hand through his platinum hair. "do you think he got a clear picture of her?" he asked after yoongi had given him the run down of what happened, including the forehead kiss. Luckily Namjoon wasn't upset. he said he trusted me. it made me love him even more. "I don't think so. the flash came from directly behind me....and she is pretty short" he teased trying to make light of the situation. "finally being short pays off" I mumbled sarcastically hoping to get a playful smile from namjoon, but he was too deep in thought to hear me. we all sat in silence trying to think of what to do. my mind began racing. "what should I do? is there anything I can do? what about namjoon? will this hurt him? should i,come forward?" I now began to understand the term deafening silence. with the silence my thoughts were free to run wild, screaming at me to find a solution. " tell the reporter she's your girlfriend. mine was still at the carnival. that way they can't make her seem like a cheat. since the photo isn't clear, if she ever decides to come out to the public as my girl she can." my head snapped up with namjoon's sudden suggestion. he was trying so hard to play it cool but one look into his eyes and I could see how much the suggestion hurt him." "are you sure you can handle that?" yoongi asked. "I'm sure....I'm good." he said forcing a grin, but it didn't reach his eyes....not even close. "I'll have to move." I interjected. "if yoongi's girlfriend lives here, I can't be seen here." I said as I tried to nuzzle closer to namjoon. I wanted him to know I had no intention of even playing the role of yoongi's girl. he was my dearest friend, but my heart was namjoon's. yoongi must have started to catch on because he chuckled bitterly before adding "namjoon's place has enough room for you to stay there". I mouthed "thank you" before turning to namjoon "should I pack a bag?" I said trying my best cute face on him. he smiled leaning his head to mine. "go pack a bag. we'll figure out how to tell the reporter later." I quickly packed a bag and we all left my apartment agreeing to meet up to talk Monday night since by Tuesday the reporter expected to run the story. Namjoon and I got to his apartment. he took my bag and we went inside. I had never been to his place before. I had been to yoongi's plenty of times...but what friend wouldn't. I looked around seeing how the decor definitely matched his personality. the colors of the rooms were a bit on the dark side, but the furniture, the pictures, everything else were bright, modern, and unique like his playful side. "I used the guest room closet for storage" he said bashfully scratching his head "so we'll have to put your things in my closet." I nodded at him and followed him to his room. his bed looked so comfy and inviting after a long day. suddenly I had an idea. I dove into his bed, scrambled under the covers and called out to him "don't forget to turn the light off and shut the door when you leave! Thanks for the bed!" "oh no you dont!" he laughed pouncing on me and tickling me until i wiggled my head back up from under the covers. "I surrender!" I laughed. "good!" he huffed before lowering his head, his lips meeting mine in a kiss I had been craving all night. he slowly pulled away to leave a trail of burning kisses along my jawline and down on to my neck only to return back to my lips. "I love you" he murmered wrapping me in his arms. it reminded me of our first night together after i confessed. "are you going to,stay with me?" i asked squeezing myself as close as possible to him. "always....plus this is kind of my bed." he joked but his "always" grabbed on to my heart and squeezed. pretty soon namjoon was asleep, but I was still wide awake thinking about the reporter and all of the trouble joonie had gone thru for me. if I were a normal girlfriend we would be able to go,to his events together, I could visit the studio without hiding, he wouldn't have to create special occasions for me just so we could see each other. even still he could tell me he loves me and was willing to let people think that I.....well they wouldn't know my face but still....let people think that my blurred picture was yoongi's girlfriend just to protect me. it was my turn now to prove my commitment. I knew what I had to do.
The next morning I woke up to a note on the pillow. namjoon said he had to go to the studio with the guys but that he would be back for lunch and that he attempted to make me breakfast, but he burnt the pan again so he bought bagels before leaving. I smiled at the note....silly joonie, we all know you can't cook , but it's the thought that counts. I quickly pulled out my phone and dialed their managers number and after explaining the situation to him I told him what I had decided to do and asked for his help. he agreed it was the right decision to make and said he would make some calls for me. I got up and nibbled on a bagel while picking out my most recent outfit. after showering and making myself look decent my phone beeped with an incoming text "everything's ready" it read. I took a deep breath and headed out the door to the studio. as I pulled up I noticed a podium set up already and many reports gathered around it already. I took one last look in the mirror. "it's now or never!" I told myself as I got out of the car and marched up to the podium to stand next to the boys manager. I glanced around once just to make sure that sleeze ball of a reporter was NOT there. "good morning everyone." he began after I have him a quick nod. "I know there has been a lot of unanswered questions ever since Rapmon released his single about his girlfriend on the internet. well she is here to introduce herself and answer some of those questions" "h...hello everyone. I am namjoon...I mean R..Rapmon's g..girlfriend." I managed to stubble through my introduction. the reporters all began screaming their questions at once and cameras flashing all around were blinding me. I wanted to run away but I kept namjoon's face in my mind and looked straight choosing the first reporter to answer a question for. "how long have you and rapmon been dating?" "Saturday will be a month" that wasn't too hard I thought to myself moving on to the next question. " how long have you known members of BTS?" "a bit over a year" my confidence was building. "how did you meet?" "the office I work for was in charge of organizing a fan meet last year. while helping set up they heard I was a fan and thought they would come greet me." I can do this....why was I so afraid? "is it true that you first had a first had a fling with suga?" "huh? no I...." "are you still seeing suga behind Rapmon's back?" "where did...." "why are you just coming forward now?" the flood gates had opened. this is what I was afraid of. my palms began to sweat as I took a step back from the podium. my mouth felt like I had cotton balls in it. I tried to swallow but there was no relief .....meanwhile inside the studio "I can't get this dance move right. let's try it again." jin said. everyone let out a groan except for namjoon and yoongi. "well while you do that taehyung and I are going to watch that show we missed last night playing hide from the media" jimin said as he flopped on the couch and grabbed the remote to the studio tv. as he turned it on he caught a glimpse of the news screen headline. "um....I think you guys should see this!....like right now!" he called to the other members as they made their way to the tv. "wow! she's really got some guts! they're crucifying her!" jungkook said shaking his head. "isn't that our studio?!" hobie pipped in. Namjoon and yoongi finally made their way to the tv and their jaws dropped as they saw the progressing interview. "this is happening right now!!" namjoon realized as he and,yoongi sprinted for the door followed by the others. they made it down to the glass corridor before being blocked by security. "sorry but she requested that you all not get involved." they apologized as they blocked the boys from going outside. "if she didn't want me out there why did she agree to meet them outside the studio?!" namjoon snapped still trying to push his way thru but was not succeeding. "she felt that the reporters would take her claims more seriously if she were introduced by the manager." they explained.
.... back to the interview. I felt my resolve start to waver as I turned my back to the reporters and faced the studio ready to run away. as I looked up I caught a glimpse of namjoon's face as our eyes met. his eyes screamed concern as he still tried to push through security. "I love you" I mouthed as I found my courage again and turned to face the reporters. "I didn't come forward before because I was afraid and I wanted to keep my life simple." I began. "I'm coming forward now because of those exact speculations." I said, courage building with every word. " I have never dated or had any flings with suga. he and I are good friends as I am with the rest of the members. I hope I can be accepted by the public as his girlfriend. I know there will still be those who don't like it or want to believe rumors like the ones that I am cheating or having flings but I am confident in my feelings for rapmon so I am giving you all the first story now." the pens were flying as they scribbled along. "thank you all for coming today" I finished bowing before turning to leave the podium. I was escorted to my car where I drove to namjoon's house and raced inside. my heart was pounding but I did it....and without giving that sleazy reporter his interview. I had barely gotten in the door when it was flung back open. namjoon stood there staring at me. "joonie" I murmured before being embraced. "you didn't have to do that" he said planting soft kisses on my head. "it was long overdue" I said looking into his eyes. they were beaming with pride. "now you're stuck with me" I joked "promise?" he joked back. He lifted me into his arms bridal style and carried be back to his room. I had surrendered to my fears for the man I loved and I couldn't be happier. the end! hope everyone enjoyed and thanks for reading!
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😢😢😢😍😍😍😍😍 this was soooo good I love it I wish it where to be longer but I still love it plus the feels where too strong to handle please keep on tagging me on everything please
@SindyHernandez this is the last chapter to the first sleepover fanfic you read....the previous chapters are linked :)
awww it was the most beautiful and touching fanfic I've ever read tag me in future fanfics plz
That was so adorable. ☺️ I loved it so much!
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