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NamjoonXReader Genre: Fluff/Angst
It has been a week since you last seen or heard from Namjoon. It’s not like you were expecting him to contact you but you still had small hopes. Here you were on a Friday night sitting at a table in a dark restaurant waiting for your date. Your mom had set up dinner at a famous restaurant that was quiet. Getting a seat there was nearly impossible. It was usually a place for idols, actors, actresses, models, and many other rich people you can think of. You didn’t want to go but like all the other dates, you were forced to. You checked your phone for the time. “He’s late.” You mumbled to yourself annoyed, taking another sip from your half empty wine glass. You actually took the time to look decent because you knew your mother won’t let you go out to your date in such casual outfits. Could this night get any worse? Little did you know you spoke too soon. When your eyes landed on two people entering the restaurant. You noticed a familiar pink haired boy in a black suit entering with a beautiful woman in a long black dress with her short hair curled. You quickly caught on to who that woman was. Yoon Eun Hye, a famous model. As the waiter showed them their table, Namjoon’s eyes quickly landed at you. “Hey! What are you doing here?” Namjoon asked more cheerfully than usually. “Nothing much, just waiting for my date.” You answered, trying to smile. “I see you’re on a date too.” “Well this isn’t really a d-” He stopped when she tugged at his blazer towards to table out back. “We should go, see you around.” He winked before going to his table with Eun Hye.
“Great this night just got worse.” You cursed under your breath before finishing the glass of wine in one big gulp. You knew that you shouldn’t care that Namjoon has found someone else but you couldn’t help but feel the ache that was in your heart. Not long after, a brown haired male burst through the door, panting hard like he just ran a marathon. He walked towards your table. “I’m sorry I’m late! My meeting went for longer than I thought.” He bowed, before sitting down in front of you. “It’s fine,” You answered, filling your glass wine. “Do you want some?” He nodded and you filled his glass after yours. “I’m Lee Jae Hwan, nice to meet you.” He smiled. You gave him a weak smile before going back to your drink. Surprisingly you were engaging in an interesting conversation, he was really friendly and cheerful. He would whisper some jokes about the waiter standing in the corner. You were actually enjoying the night, forgetting about Namjoon and Eun Hye. After dinner he suggested a walk on the beach and you agreed, thinking it would be a good way to forget about your troubles. But the silences of your voices as you walked along the shore brought your mind back to Namjoon. You couldn’t help the tears that fell down your cheeks. “Ah! Why are you crying? I’m sorry? Was it me?” He panicked at the sight of your tears, you quickly wipe them off with your hands and forced a smile. “No, I’m fine and it’s not your fault.” You smiled, he frowned at your forced smile. “If you’re feeling sad it’s fine. You don’t always have to feel happy. Letting it out might actually help your pain. I don’t mind lending a shoulder to you.” He smiled, placing his hand on your head and gently pressing it against his shoulder as you let your feelings out. It still hurt, a lot.
Namjoon was surprised at your presence at the restaurant. He was told to go take Eun Hye to dinner to convince her to be Big Hit’s model for the newest video they were releasing. During the night he couldn’t help but glance over to your table where you were smiling at the guy in front of you. He didn’t like the fact that you could smile for a guy that wasn’t him. Or that you would dress so decent for him. Wearing a black mini dress really had him on the edge, it ticked him off that you were wearing it for another guy. Even after breaking up for 2 years, all he had thought about was you. He didn’t know if it was because of how much he cared about you as a friend or if it was love or not. He just knew that he didn’t like that guy with you. After dinner, Eun Hye suggested a walk on the beach. What awaits him was the sight of you being pressed against another guy’s chest under the moonlight. Even though he was able to convince Eun Hye into being the company’s next model, he wasn’t happy at what he saw that night. When he got back to the studio, he took off the stupid tie that almost choked him. He got out a pen and his lyrics book. He knew he had to let his feelings go before he exploded. He started with the first thing to popped up when he thought of you: “ Just one day, one night…”
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