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The ERASED (aka Boku dake ga Inai Machi) anime is up to episode four now, and I'm still loving it!! I almost want to stop watching it so I can binge rather than have to wait between episodes, but I can't resist watching it each week!

**potential spoilers below**

I'm dying for Episode 5 because Hinazuki didn't show up.

While we KNEW Satoru couldn't have succeeded so easily in changing the past/future, I still have this really naive hope that she just slept in, or she's at home waiting for him still, or....just....anything but the worst case scenario, you know? But I need to know at least a CLUE as to what's going to change next, and I'm getting impatient.

When will we jump times again?

Based on the OP/ED, we're GOING to jump times again....but when will it happen? I really had a moment during Ep 4 and even one during Ep 3 where I thought we were going to be suddenly thrust back into the future. Frankly, I want it to happen, because I think that happening will be key to Satoru getting more of a clue about what is going on here.

On another note: Satoru's mom is THE BEST!

She's one of the best mom's I've seen in any form of fiction. During Ep 1, I didn't initially like her, but by the time that she met....that moment, I really liked her so I was heartbroken!! Really, though, she's supportive, she listens to her son and can read between the lines, she trusts his judgement, and she will stand up for him even if she doesn't know the whole story yet!! Easily would win the Mom of the Year award in my book!!

This show gives me so much anxiety -- but I love it, and I'm going to keep watching it!!

Being constantly thrown back and forth between "SO CUTE" and "OH GOD WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NOW" is strangely satisfying? Idk. But I like it.
I like this show. I be patiently waiting every week
That would be so messed up if it was the teacher
Same βœ‹
I LOVE this show. By far my favorite show of the season by far. I literally can never wait to watch the new episode each week even though like @hikaymm I want to binge so badly. I just can't wait to find out what happens next.
SOOOOO GOOD. My guess sis that Kenya is the killer
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