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JiminXReader Genre:Fluff/Angst/semi smu Short: After your mother Passed away, your father thought it would be a good Idea to move since your house was too big for the both of you. His best friend said you could live with them and their family. You had no idea that the Fuck boy from school that keeps on teasing you, was their son
“You ready?” Your dad asks. You nodded, still upset about the funeral. You took one last look at your now empty house and took a deep breath as you shut the door closed. 
The moving truck was already waiting outside. They were parked at the curb of your house, waiting for you to lead the way to your new place. You got into the car, staring at your house as you watched it disappear into the distance. 
“I’m sure you’ll love it there” your dad says, breaking the silence. You were sad that you were leaving your house but you knew your dad was doing it for the best. Your phone starts to ring so you pull it out, it was your friend, “Hey, you reach the new house yet?” 
“No, we’re on our way” you reply, sighing
“Ah okay, text me when you get there” 
“Of course” you hang up. You enter the rich part of town and your mouth opens in awe. The houses are like mansions. You drive down the street until you reach the end of the road. You stop at one of the biggest houses. It had black fencing around the perimeter and an intercom on the side, “Wow” your jaw drops in amazement. This was 10 times better and larger compared to the house you lived in, “do you like it?” Your dad asks as he helps the movers take out your stuff
“I love it!”
He laughs, “I’m glad you do” You walk up to the black gates and a friendly voice speaks through the intercom, “hello! Who would you like to meet?” A woman’s voice says
“It’s y/d/n and y/n” 
“Oh! Come in come in! We’ve been waiting for you!”
The door opens and you recognize the man from the funeral. He smiles brightly at you and shakes your dad’s hand, “welcome to our home!” You stand there awkwardly and he pays you on the head while giving you a warming smile, “hello” you smile back. He leads the both of you inside and you are greeted by a beautiful woman. Her brown hair was curled and fell past her shoulders and her eyes shined brightly. She was wearing a white shirt and a pencil skirt, “Hello dear” she pulls you into a hug, “hi” you manage to say, “my name is Mina, but you can call me Aunty” she smiles sweetly, “Jimin!” She yells down the hall, “come down! We have guests!” 
You see a handsome boy walk down the stairs. His hair was orange and he swiped his hand through it, letting it fall naturally back down into waves. You bite your lip nervously. In front of you, stood Park Jimin, the number one bad boy at your school, who was also known as a player. He stopped in front of you, hands in his pockets, ‘Damn he’s a lot hotter in person’ 
You heard about him at school, but you’ve never actually met him face to face. You’ve glanced at him every now and then, but other than that, you didn’t really pay attention to the needs of this “player” he plasters a smirk on his face when he locks eyes with you. He goes to greet you, “I’m Jimin” he shakes your hand and pulls you in a bit so only you could hear him, “Are you done checking me out?” He smiles slyly before pulling back. You look away as heat rises to your cheeks, “Jimin” Mina spoke, “This is Y/n. Could you show her to her room?” 
He nods, “Gladly” he smirks. Leading you upstairs. You have a feeling you might not like it here as much as you thought you would.
Jimin’s POV
His mom called him downstairs, “I’ll call you back Tae, I gotta go” 
He walks downstairs and notices two guests standing with his parents. He saw you amongst them. 
'Wow… Don’t I know her? She’s really hot’ 
He checks you out up and down 'yeah, I could work that’ he smirks to himself 
“You guys go to the same school, so I hope you get along” his mom says 
'Ah.. Right. I’ve noticed her around. She’s one of the only girls that haven’t fell for my charms yet. I never realized how cute she actually was’ 
He showed you to your room, “This one is yours, Mines right across if you need me.” She walks past him and puts her suitcase on the bed
“I’ll make sure you have a great time” he winks. She rolled her eyes. He closed the door and walked back to his room. He pulls out his phone and calls, “What’s up?” Taehyung asks, “Some girl is staying at my house, I gotta say, she has a nice body” he hears laughter through the phone, “Got yourself a one night stand already?” 
“I don’t know, she seems like she’s gone through something bad” after a few minutes, the call ends and he throws his phone on the bed. He walked downstairs, “mom?” I thought you were working" 
“I took today off since we were waiting for Y/n and Y/d/n to come” 
“Oh.. Okay cool.. Hey, can I ask you something?”
“Yeah, what?” 
“Did something go on with Y/n?”
“Ah… Look dear, you know that funeral your dad went to? It was her mother’s funeral. She passed away in a car crash, "what?? Oh my god…”
“I know how you are around girls. So leave her alone for a while. She just needs… Time, okay?”
“Yeah, of course” he nods his head in understanding
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I love fuck boy Jimin. And our rooms are that close? Do our parents want me to get pregnant. Please tag me in the next post =D
That's so beautiful he seemed really sweet at the end I love it😍
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