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Sungjoo killed me with those eyes and glances; but shortly after I was revived by that gorgeous voice of his! To really appreciate him though, we need to know the man behind the voice.


Stage/Real Name: Kim Sungjoo Also known as: Jin Shengzhu Birthday: February 16, 1994 Nationality: Korean Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea Height: 180 cm (5ft 11in) Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs) Blood Type: A Astrology Sign: Aquarius

In the Group:

Position: Leader for Korean Promotions, Main Vocalist Role: Visual


• Singing • Beat Boxing • Dancing/Krumping • Swimming • Wushu – Chinese martial arts


• Colors: Red, black, blue, silver, white • Artists: Bruno Mars, Wang Leehom • Films: Action, sci-fi • Foods: Roasted duck, ramen, salmon • Sports: Taekwando, skateboarding • Animals: Dog, panda • Brands: Adidas, Vans, Jordan, Chromehearts, Balmain

Random Tidbits:

• Can play piano, guitar, and the Djembe (drum in gif) • Was a YG Trainee • Dream is to be a musician • Most unforgettable moment was the first time he stepped on stage • Can speak conversational Chinese and Japanese • Ideal type is loyal, affectionate, and kind

So there you have it! That's UNIQ's handsome, bad-ass, and silly co-leader; he can be sexy and seductive or cute and cuddly! Next up is Wenhan's profile! Thank you for reading!

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This is amazing!!!!I cant qait for the others!!!But he is so cute!!!
he is cute
@MadAndrea Touché my friend. Touché ✌😎😂
@MayraCastro Maybe so; but we're all mad here 😎
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