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Ok guys, so this is my very first card, finally! lol I hope you guys welcome me well and I hope to make many good friends through Vingle!
So.... Who am I?

-Name: Karina Giselle Miranda.

-Where I'm from: I was born and I live in a town in Illinois named Aurora, about 40 min away from Chicago.

-Age: I'm 19 US age:)

-Nationality: Mexican American♡

-Interests: Kpop, Kdramas, dancing, nail art, makeup, photography, cooking, baking and language.

-Favorite Song: Tbh, I don't have a favorite song heh it's more like favorite song at the moment hahah

-Fun Facts:
-The reason I got into Kpop was because of Suho from EXO. -I love too many idol groups for my own good hahah. -I'm 5'1 and also the oldest of 4. -My Ultimate Bias Groups are B.A.P & Super Junior. -My Ultimate Bias is Yesung♡ this man literally ruined my life -I'm fluent in both Spanish and English, and I'm learning Korean. -My biggest dream in life is to get married and start my own family.

Well that's about it (I think) and I tag anyone who reads this:)