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19. Three Favorite Pictures Of Jooheon.

I.M: "Yes! You Are HIP-HOP!!" Jooheon: "I Am HIP-HOP!"
I really like how Jooheon looks here!! This one has to be my favorite! Jooheon featuring Trainee (No.Mercy) Yoosu
My second favorite picture of Jooheon He looks very good in red! ❀


I just had to add this in here because I really like this gif. Jooheon asks the staff if they're all going together in the van. Then, this happens.
Oh Jooheon!! ^.^ You're so cute!!
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Adorable baby!!
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Ahhh this kid ❀️❀️❀️ my whole life is revolving around the Right Now episodes. I watch one and then die a little everyday until the next one releases... *dying a little more as we speak*
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I know same here dude!! @Meeshell I think what I most like about Jooheon in Right Now is that he prays before every meal. That's just something I really like about a guy. πŸ™β€
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Btw I haven't watched the recent Right Now episode 😒 @Meeshell
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Aw yeah totally! He's a pure hearted guy that Jooheonnie 😊😊😊!
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