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Berlin the capital of German, the city which used to locate the Iron Wall which separated the WEST an the EAST (political ideal). Unlike the rest of German, people in Berlin tend to be more lay back and enjoy life more, it is due to the Cold War history event, that has influence a lot in this city. Berlin is one of the few city in Europe that you could find the Communist architecture lie not to far from the Modern building. Berlin is a relatively young city by European standards, dating to the thirteenth century, and it has always had a reputation as a place filled with people from elsewhere. It may seem tough to find someone born and raised here! This is part of Berlin's charm: it never gets stuck in a rut. A certain uneasy detente still exists between some former residents of East and West Berlin (and Germany). Wessi evolved as a derogatory nickname for a West German; its corollary is Ossi. The implication here is that after reunification, the West Germans automatically assumed the way they do things is the right way, and the way the Easterners should start doing it, too. Westerners got a reputation for being arrogant. They saw the Easterners as stubborn Communist holdouts interested only in a handout from the "rich West." Anyway let just forget about the rich and the poor, in Berlin for you would find that this city is so cheap!!! (Compare with Western Europe standard) Even compare with some Asia city such as Seoul, Shanghai, Bejing, it is still way cheaper. You could easily to find a cheap meal (Kebad, or Vietnamese foods, Chinese Foods, for less 8$). If you have any question concerning about traveling in Berlin, just drop me a message, I will try my best to show you :)!
@alise what Robert said is also what i try to say to you, that In east Side of berlin not far from the central station there is few pretty underground place that you could hang out. And be sure not to afraid to talk with Local, since they have a lot of small tip that you could never know from book.
In East Part of Berlin, around 10 mins from Alexander Platz, there is an area only for young hippie people. @tapsamaihave you ever tried there?
yah, please I would love to know some good place for going out at night or something !
Hmm I did not stay in the hostel or hotel, so i do not know where is good place to stay, but I can show you where is good place to go :)!!
where is the best area to stay in berlin, do you know ??