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we have the demon fox kid himself Naruto Uzumaki
Next up Natsu Dragneel lost someone important and now uses a special magic
Luffy from one piece I haven't watched yet but looks good
Ciel Phantomhive lost both of his parents at a young age as well sold his soul to a demon and now because of his harsh experience he's a cross dresser (not really just trying to make it funny)
we have the finest swords man alive kirito (forgot real name)
he wants to destroy them all and we all love him Eren
Yato the God of calamity is barely known for the most part but is still powerful with his regalia
and last but not least Rin Okumura he's the spawn of Satan but yet the nicest guy in town
discuss in the comments have don't get over dramatic on which is the best they all have good life stories
I will not choose between these. cause I have seen them all to the latest episode. and they are all good in their own respects.
naruto endured alot thru out his life and he ultimately achieved his goal so it is a good story and luffy on the other hand has a good story but is not done yet so it is a work in progress
all of these anime have better story than twilight
character wise naruto has the better story, he's been through a lot of stuff. but just show overall my favorite anime is one piece.
itachi :p
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