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Jack Black was hosted as a guest in the Korean show Infinite Challenge!
2 days ago 하하 posted this picture on his Instagram.
Then, Kwanghee posted this video on Instagram all surprised!!

Watch the full video below to see why they were surprised!!

Now Ellen's even going to look into them!! Isn't this something to be extremely happy about?!

Man! I'm so happy for them! Korean shows, K-pop, and K-dramas are definitely going worldwide and quick!! Don't miss this episode!
That's awesome, I'm so happy that K-pop and K-Dramas are becoming bigger and bigger. I mean Jack Black went on a Korea variety show, which means something big!
K-pop and k dramas are the gate way... Korean variety shows and the community slowly creep their way into ur heart and then u can't help but venture out to listen to more Korean songs non kpop. Then you get extremely excited when you hear ppl that aren't K-pop fans enjoying something Korean. America and other countries just don't know what's about to hit in the next couple of years. I hope one day K-pop gets so popular u hear a song playing in a cafe in a non asian country like they play American songs in Asia on a regular. cross your fingers 😛
Oh!! Update. .due to popular demand DramaFever is now keeping the show! :-D (I just found out)
that's so amazing I hope this worlds unite
@biancadanica98 yes that is awesome. what made it more awesome, which was how complement on how Koreans know how to party. 😀
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