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@JaiiPanda aww are you sure you wrote my name right? I'll go look at you page to find it k? @FalseLove lmao its the truth though Lol @IsoldaPazo te digo me muero jaja @Nikkitty all kill all the time @MaricelvaRomero mark can be understanding unless it's with their members Lol @CreeTheOtaku now I want ice cream yum @UnnieCakesAli @staceyholley friendship goals me you and @ligaya @dallasyamane I forget Gabby's username but her too we're almost there ❀
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I love the BTS - Got7 friendship so much 😍
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*jackson voice* cute
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Nooooooo this is not fair..... @PrettieeEmm you know how I feel about Jimin and Jackson! Why are you doing this to me!
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@ElleHolley I want some of his rice *smirks wiggles eyebrows*
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