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Sugar Babies, 1
Two roommates, friends above all else, find themselves forever arguing about situations petty in nature, until something underlying within them reveals itself in this three part series about love. Here's: Sugar Babies, 2 http://www.vingle.net/posts/140635-Sugar-Babies-2 ~im such a fan of his channel, iamlawrencekao and i wanna watch the next installment!!!...hello, my followers and friends please subscribe to his channel and watch this series, he wont release the 2nd part until this one reaches 20,000 view....~ @YinofYang @oj1992 @shoenami @laratcheta @blairwitme @reyam @saravy @katieloidlei @relinashinee @neaa @MoonMinYeon @kristenadams
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I've totally become a big fan of his videos! Thanks so much for sharing, sis!!!
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im glad you liked it, i cant wait for the next segment, he said he might release it today, crossing my fingers....although they are short but his vids are great!!
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