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This may be my last playthrough so I wanted to really make sure I grabbed anything I previously missed or just ignored. One of the things I missed was the hidden Mount Merchant in Val Royeux.
So this is the Greater nug but you have a few other options as well. It's sort of adorable at least lol
but the backside leaves a lot to be desired and your inquisitor is literally doing the splits on this thing... The one thing I find most interesting is that it appears to be standing on its knuckles in the front.
@paulisadroid shoot to get vivienne as the next divine.
@MaighdlinS haha that's great. this is making me want to play the game again!!
exactly! the more I use it the more adorable it gets really
It's only "sort of" adorable, hahaha but hey that's still adorable right?
@paulisadroid so many different endings!
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