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So he is your boss, what are you going to do? How will this play out? let's see what is going to happen.
You standing there looking at him like his is crazy. "Why are you here? Are you following me around?" You yelled at him. He looked at you and laughed. "Why would I follow you around. We only meet once that's it's sweetie." He said walking closer. He moved close enough to feel his breathe on your lips. Then he whisper in your ear and said. "If you like me that much, I can show what kind of men I am. I bet you I'll have you screaming my name by time I'm done." He said giving you a sexy smile. You push him away and run to the restroom. You look at yourself, your heart is beating triple time. You can't catch your breathe. Your body is getting as you feel his breathe on your ears say those words. "What is going on with me." You said yourself. You splash water on your face to get yourself together. You walk out the restroom and go to your office. You hope he don't come by you today. **couple hours later** You working on a report when he called you in his office. "Yes sir what do you need?" You ask with out looking at him. He was sitting back in his chair and looked at you. "Does your boyfriend love you right?" He asked. You pop your head up and looked at him. "He love me.just fine not for.You to worry okay if you don't mind I have work to do." Your said to him. He laugh and smiled at you "So how does it feel to have somebody else talking you like that huh?" He smiled and walks to you. "Its feels awkward to have another man talk to me like while I have a boyfriend." You said to him.
"Really it's awkward I'm talking to you this close." He said. He pushes you to the wall and stands in front of you. He smelled your hair and smile. "I want you to myself okay." he said to you. You feel your knees shaking as he goes closer to your neck. He lips was so close to your neck that's you felt your panties getting a little wet. "I'm going to make you mines." He said softly. He pulled his head back from your neck and you saw his eyes and teeth. You saw what he was as he was looking at you. You can see that's he wants you bad, but you are also scared. You pushes him away, you want to run away but can't. "W-What are you?" You ask looking at his red eyes and his fangs. "Yea I'm what you think I am." He said. "Your a vampire?" your said.
So couldn't find a sexy vampire pic for BTS. Wait he is a what? Dam what is really happening? What you think is happening? @yaya12@merryjayne13@ninjamidori@amandamuska@AimeeH@Thepinkprincess@Emealia@BBxGD@KpopGaby@KellyOConnor
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you like turning band memebrs into vampires
@amandamuska yes it's so fun
Well. I was not expecting that.