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Hello Super Nakama!

Welcome to a One Punch Super Sunday! Make sure you keep up on all of the Super Sunday events: check out the collection here! Also don't forget to follow all of the days of the week events, created by the mood team:check out that collection here!
We all love One Punch Man don't we? I certainly enjoy it, admittedly not as much as most people but I do enjoy it. Regardless of my feelings toward it, we can all admit that it's a pretty super anime with some super heroes and villains. This week on Super Sunday we're taking a look at the heroes of One Punch Man .
So here's my question this week!

Who's your favorite hero in One Punch Man?

The Hero Association or the Superhero Society was created by multi-millionaire Agoni, who created the Association after his son was saved by a mysterious young hero. the Hero rankings range from Class C to Class S with number rankings within the classes. Class C heroes are responsible for more street level crimes while Class S getting extremely dangerous monsters and threats.
So I want to know at of all these heroes from all the classes, which one is your favorite?
Mine you ask?

Mumen Rider!

The number 1 Class C hero of City Z. Just a simple man on a bike, Mumen Rider is highly respected by the people of City Z. He has no special powers; no super strength, no super speed, not even super bike riding skills. He's just a normal guy on a bike (he must really be good at stopping purse snatchers).
Mumen Rider is more than just a bike rider. He really is a true hero as he stands up for the little guy. He has a strong will and has high determination. He might not be a super human who can take down an alien but damn it if he's not going to try. If it means trying to protect the people of City Z and around the world he's going to do whatever it takes, even if it means sacrificing his own life. You have to respect a man who has no super powers but is till willing to put his life on the line.
Other heroes are cool and respectable but Mumen Rider has the true heart of a hero!

Do you like my pick?

Who's your favorite hero in One Punch Man?

Make your own card or let me know in the comments
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Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!
@randysqwishy23 I respect that, I watched it and liked it but still think it's overrated
@TanaeaHarper Genos seems to be popular, with good reason I like Genos too
@randysqwishy23 you got it. I don't post too much OPM cards anyway
@Danse I can respect that, we haven't seen everything One Punch Man has to offer
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