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Another round of hunting for wonders and fun! Let's go!
1. Picture, gif or video of at least one member of BB holding, picking, smelling or wearing flowers.
I added 2 bonus TOP pictures because...well...TOP. There is no other reason.
2. Video or link to song file of your favorite solo track from any BB member.
EVIL, EVIL QUESTION! That is sooo hard! I thought long and hard about it and it is a three way tie between these three songs. I can't pick a winner. I love them equally for different reasons.
3. Video or gif of BB on Running Man (two or more members must be in the video)
4. GD wearing a hat.
5. Picture or video from Seungri's 2015 birthday.
6.Picture, video or gif of something non-BIGBANG that reminds you of BIGBANG and why it reminds you of them.
Taco Bell has some brilliant marketing happening right now. Don't worry, Taco Bell. I've been living that life for quite some time!
7. BIGBANG nail art.
8. Video or gif of Daesung laughing.
9. Picture, gif or video of any BB member with a mullet.
10. Mint TOP
I love mint TOP.
11. Pictures, videos or gifs of all five members of BB getting ready backstage.
12. Picture, video or gif of Taeyang with at least one child.
That picture of GD wearing a hat is.... you can't even see his face, but I'm in love. Taco Bell does have some brilliant marketing. Good to know they are fans of our KINGS too.
that taco bell bag was brilliant!!
@KhrystinaLee I got way too excited when I first noticed it the other day!
@SatinSkies I hope no one steals your idea! *scowl* *scowl*