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Yes Miss J this going to be my fellow Vinglers faces after they get to the bottom of this one. Ugh I got tagged so I'm doing it Aaaaand we're off...... very very very reluctantly
Eiffel 65 - Blue remember the Blue guy from the blue planet. I cringe at the fact that I used to play this and got excited when the played it at school functions.
I don't know why but I really liked this song and begged my Mom for it. She got it for me then I got over it.
Blue Man Group Yeah I bought this one too. I don't know why. They are better live. I think I lost the remote and my tv again and it was stuck on PBS and they were doing a fundraiser special like always and their performance came up.
Riverdance The MOST embarrassing album I own!!! I was gifted the show on VHS (not a dvd) I liked the music hence purchasing the soundtrack. I still have some of the songs on my computer and my phone. I'm so embarrassed we shall never speak of this again. Your turn @lilbr0wneyes @LunaCordero @VixenViVi @HuonTreeRoo @VictoriaBossier @PrettieeEmm and of course My #ThunderBuddies @Ashleyemmert @Jessicaacosta90 @KhrystinaLee
Hmm I don't think I have an embarrassing album ._. Lol
So I have gone completely new age I guess cause I don't own any albums..... 😂
I'm trying to think.. I may have to go through my CDs but u don't think I own anything embarrassing