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I remember once I was telling a story to my English-speaking, American friend about something that had happened, and I mentioned the term 'negrito' and his face froze and he immediately told me to not to use the word. That was the second time I realized how the word could sound pretty close to another word.
The first time I was at the grocery story with another friend, and I picked up a can of 'frijoles negros' just like I always do. And she shoved me and whispered, "why does it say 'negro' on it?"
Growing up where I heard terms like 'negra,' 'negrita,' 'negrito,' 'negro,' I never realized how can be understood by Latino outsiders. And often, those terms are used in genuine terms of endearment and beauty.

Here's A Short Lesson On Some of These Terms:

Negro - Black

This literally means the color 'black' in Spanish. That is the direct translation for the color. It's a color. That's it.

Negrita - Black girl

This is often used in terms of endearment. It's usually positive. It can also mean 'pretty black girl,' depending on the context.

Negrito - Black boy

Pretty much the same definition as 'negrita,' but for a male.

Anyone else want to weigh in regarding these terms?

La negra tiene el tumbao' :) I have always used it as a form of endearment or just to literally describe the color. I can understand and sympathize with people here seeing why it could be used as something else, race is very serious here. However, back home, it's all love when we use the term, at least in my eyes.
I think it has to do with when and how it is used. However I don't use it at all. My friends that 100% Latino don't use that word that I know of. I'll stick with Morena lol.
@jibarito that's what counts馃榾
Hmmm interesting input, everyone! Ya learn something everyday!!!
@buddyesd I understand how that goes haha I have family members that don't look related at all. I believe that's beautiful though, no matter the skin color, it's all love.
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