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Is The Term 'Negrito' Racist?
I remember once I was telling a story to my English-speaking, American friend about something that had happened, and I mentioned the term 'negrito' and his face froze and he immediately told me to not to use the word. That was the second time I realized how the word could sound pretty close to another word.
The first time I was at the grocery story with another friend, and I picked up a can of 'frijoles negros' just like I always do. And she shoved me and whispered, "why does it say 'negro' on it?"
Growing up where I heard terms like 'negra,' 'negrita,' 'negrito,' 'negro,' I never realized how can be understood by Latino outsiders. And often, those terms are used in genuine terms of endearment and beauty.

Here's A Short Lesson On Some of These Terms:

Negro - Black

This literally means the color 'black' in Spanish. That is the direct translation for the color. It's a color. That's it.

Negrita - Black girl

This is often used in terms of endearment. It's usually positive. It can also mean 'pretty black girl,' depending on the context.

Negrito - Black boy

Pretty much the same definition as 'negrita,' but for a male.

Anyone else want to weigh in regarding these terms?

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Hmmm interesting input, everyone! Ya learn something everyday!!!
2 years agoReply
@jibarito that's what counts馃榾
2 years agoReply
Indeed! 馃檶@buddyesd
2 years agoReply
I had the can of beans thing happen. I just laughed because I never noticed and explained to my friend what they were. These discussions are always enlightening.
2 years agoReply
nah! if you say "negro sucio" then 3 niggas are gonna murder you
2 years agoReply