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Hey! I'm not an artist and am just a regular student but I enjoy drawing and therefore I wanna try x) So here we go :D ☆Name: Devel (Devil+Angel) Or you can call her 'Little Devel' She is a character made by me so it's not a fanart. ☆Color: Sorry about not coloring the drawing >< But I'll tell you the colors! -Devil eye: red pupil with black sclera -Angel eye: sky blue pupil with white sclera -Devil wing: White -Angel Wing: Black -Hair: Dark red and white mixed -Ribbon: Black -Shoes: Black -Haven't decided the cloth color... But any color that suits her eyes would be fine :) ☆Ability: She has two different abilities since she has both devil and angel inside her. Her devil ability is to control others when the eye flashes with red light. However she cannot control whom she fell in love to. The angel ability is to bring dead person back to life when needed. But she cannot use this power on people who have more sins than virtue. ☆Bio: Her parents are both devils, but she got the odd eyes and an angel wing. It turned out that her father was actually an angel who was banished from the heaven for too much sins. Devel fought against the heaven demanding for a return of her father's identity. In the war her mother died and father was sealed in a pearl forever. Just when the angels were about to kill Devel, they found the purity in her angel eye and decided to take her to the heaven. ☆Occasional Awakening: Her devil power and angel power collide in her mind, and this is when her entire hair becomes grey and gets the most powerful ability. It lasts for about 3 days.
Was it too fictional? xD Sorry if it was That's the end of my entry! Thanks for reading! ^^ If I have more time I will post another entry which is gonna be a male character :) @MichaelOgg tagged! @SamTheMallow tagged! and @BeannachtOraibh tagged!! Bye :D
@ardo eeee thank you ^_^
Thank you so much @shannonl5 ! Yours is amazing too :)
Awesome!!!! Btw @ardo this is amazing! I love it :D
started a submission folder to keep track of everything and everybody can see them xD So far it's just you and @shannonl5
you're welcome @ardo
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