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Who Am I?

I was tagged by @4dalientae :)
Here goes haha
1. I moved around a lot.
I was born in Dallas, moved to Michigan when I was 1, and moved to New Jersey the summer before I went into high school. I also moved around a lot in Michigan and I'm moving to a different house in New Jersey this summer.
2. I'm a pretty quiet.
I'm normally not quiet around my friends, but sometimes they don't even notice that I'm saying anything :(
3. I started listening to Kpop my sophomore year of high school.
My friend, Almedina, send me a very long facebook message of a ton of groups with a bunch of their music videos. We also watched MBLAQ's sesame player and the combination made me hooked haha
4. MBLAQ was the first band I became a fan of and are my favorite group.
BAP might be sliding into first because MBLAQ is pretty split up now. Also I haven't been able to listen to the song MBLAQ made after they split up because I think I might cry :(
5. Despite my craziness, I somehow have a boyfriend lol
We've been dating for about a year and a half so far. And yes he is Korean. And yes I know you're all thinking, wow this girl is crazy about Korea. I swear it is a complete coincidence that he is Korean and to be honest I'm probably more Korean than he is haha
6. I've been to Korea.
I went with my boyfriend and his family last summer for 10 days. I was super happy that they invited me and I'm really thankful for the experience :) These are some of the picture I took.
7. Bang Yongguk is my ultimate bias :)
Daehyun was actually my original bias in BAP, but after power I was pulled into the charm that is Yongguk.
8. I'm 21 years old.
Most people think I'm younger lol
9. My first drama was You're Beautiful
10. I'm majoring in Korean (language)!
I'm in my 4th year of college and I've decided to stay for 5.
Bonus: Supernatural is the
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