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So Ikon did gfriend me gusta and people are saying that Jinhwan fall on purpose. I toke some screen shot. You tell me what you think
To me it looks like he threw himself into the fall. Sometimes ikon does things they think was funny but it's kind of wrong in others eyes. Give me your opinions
I think that he tripped. People have said multiple times that he's clumsy and I have seen other live concerts that he's tripped. In the video it looks like when he was about to land after the spin, he's foot slipped from under him. Ikon works just as hard as any other idol group. It doesn't make sense why they would throw away all that hard work to make a joke. I feel like people are accusing them because first they are wearing girls clothing and wigs, and second because Jinhwan tripped after the incident with G-Friend. They have been through enough bad mouthing and false accusations. They worked hard to get where they're at today.
After watching a video of it several time I think he honestly tripped he is honestly very clumsy and trips a lot. Every one is going to have their own opinions about this but Ikon are very hardworking and have been through so much they are far from rude or bratty but since everyone is so quick to judge them and give them hate a lot of people won't even take the time to get into ikon or their back story.
Honestly I do think he did it on purpose. I really think it's cause they're fishing for attention right now. It does look like he fell on purpose. Someone said that ikon wouldn't really be as popular if it wasn't for YG. I kind of agree with them. Some of the things and scandals ikon does kind of makes them seem a little bratty and rude but I think it's cause they were debuted with talk about them being the next bigbang.
I really don't think he was trying to mock gfriend
i honestly think Jinwhan did not do it on purpose he is a sweet heart and hes really clumsy they has been multiple times where jinhwan has fallen both on and off stage he is really clumsy so stop all this hate why would anyone fall on purpose and hit the ground hard to make funny joke or mock someone thats dumb honestly i really doubt he fell on purpose