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i had some requests to make some lockscreens so i made them :-)
request : junhoe of ikon i'm not familiar with ikon forgive me (๑•́ ω •̀๑)
request : taehyung of bts (okay so i think you can't really see the white letters on the green background so if you want to see the letters save the one below)
(same lockscreen as one above but with gray letters)
request : jimin of BTS
request : j-hope (hoseok) of BTS
request : j-hope (hoseok) of BTS
(not requested but still) jungkook of BTS
some people who requested lockscreens @staceyholley @flxvour @ashleyemmert hope you liked them ! if you want to be tagged in lockscreens just comment you want to ! anyone can request a lockscreen/edit at anytime and i'll try to do it as fast as i can :-)
These lockscreens are so nice👏👍😃 I would love to be tagged on your lockscreen cards^^ I would like to request a Rap Monster & Individual big bang members lockscreens to please😁
I'd love to be tagged! These are so good! Can I request two of them? If so can I have a Jungkook one with the caption, 'Only Fools Fall For You'? The other one, can it be with Jin and with the caption, 'Let's not run from our fears, let's just stay like this a little longer'? Please?
Tag me as well please! 🙋And can you make one of Rapmon if you haven't already?
Please tag me in your lockscreens
Yay! Thank you I love them!@sleepingyoongi
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