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TOP : I was called again for the ↝weekend ship↜ cards by many of my VIPs. Is early in the morning, I didn't have much sleep.
I had a blasted night by celebrating ship Me by Me...
So I had couple's drinks.
And pass out...
Now!!! this girl "lovetopia" had to call me early in the morning for this card.
So all of you better ↝like↜ what I had show you.
I will only accept comment ▶▷LIKE◁◀
Now I need to rest. Hope you all enjoy this card... I want to show different side of ↝TOP↜. This will not be tag with BB master tag list, as we Mod Squad, will only do one master tag on one card....(we don't want to bombing you with too much notifications)♡♡♡♡
I actually like this side of TOP more, well, right behind Mint Top. 😋
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@katyng52 wow how did u know... I was abt to do ↝Minty TOP↜ will be coming soon...
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@lovetopia YAY!!!!!!!!! 😍👏😍😜🎉🎉
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I like I like 😍😍
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