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Bathroom D*ck
Amy's inability to read signs creates bad rapport with Adam, who wakes up at his own party, with a dick meticulously drawn onto his back. Please subscribe to his channel, "iamlawrencekao"... i really thought this series was cute, made me lolz... @YinofYang @oj1992 @shoenami @laratcheta @blairwitme @saravy @katieloidlei @neaa @relinashinee @MoonMinYeon @kristenadams
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"While innocents civilians are showering!" AHAHAHAHAHA! LMFAO!!!!! Oh, my god. I love this so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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KFC! Oh, crap.....ROFL!!!!!!!
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i know right, aint it cute?? hell yeah, ill go KFC with him, remember its 3 stories, lolz!!!
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You know it! KFC is the place to be. Hahahaha! Soooo funny.
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