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Alright, so I was going through related cards from whichever one I started and I ended up coming across this GOT7 screenshot game. I have no idea who to tag, so I usually don't tag because I'll feel like a nuisance. Yeah. orz But here are my results for the game. Oh! Here's the original game by @ashleyemmert! ♡


Best Friend: Youngjae The One Who Approaches You: Jinyoung Starts a Fight: Yugyeom Pulls You Away to Safety: Youngjae Confesses His Love: Jinyoung Tells You to Follow Only Him: Mark You Confess You Have Loved Him the Whole Time: BamBam Jealous so He Tries to Harm You: Youngjae Saves You from Harm: Yugyeom And since I haven't made a card in a while, I decided to go ahead with story time. ^^


Youngjae and I hadn't always been close. We weren't the same age. We didn't take the same classes. Not to mention, he was one of those honors students. You know the ones that take pretty much nothing but AP and honors classes? That was him. I took mostly art classes. Believe it or not though, we met in an Honors English class. Something happened so he couldn't get into the AP English but he didn't seem all that disappointed. We were the two kids that always sat in the back of the class. We didn't talk to anyone and we didn't talk to each other either. It was a typical "we're partners for this project" that brought us together. It was about the Renaissance and Gothic eras. The report and presentation went smoothly thanks to the fact that we both wanted to pass and since we were both pretty interested in it. Since then, we had always been close. Who would've though we'd bond over Shakespeare and Gothic poetry? Nonetheless, we became best friends. One of his friends, Jinyoung, had seen us hanging out and decided to approach me. I wasn't sure why but he ended up asking me to help him with an art project. I hadn't even realized that he was in my class. It never dawned on me that he didn't really need my help either, but I helped him at the time. Yugyeom was one of the new kids, an incoming freshman when I hit senior year. Jinyoung and Youngjae were my friends and, for some reason, the kid wasn't happy with it. Youngjae caught the tall, young boy trying to bully me and rescued me in the knick of time. I could've definitely stood up for myself but my best friend wasn't taking any chances. For someone three years younger than me, Yugyeom was definitely still a giant compared to me. Maybe I shouldn't have entertained him trying to pick a fight with me. Jinyoung had caught the way Youngjae had saved me and suddenly confessed to me that he loved me the first chance he got. It was really embarrassing. I mean, he was a good, very smart kid. Plus, he was really cute. I had nothing against younger boys either. Obviously. Considering that's what most of my friends seemed to be anyway. Well, that was until Mark and I became year-long partners for a project, that was announced at the beginning of the school year. He told me not to worry with that sweet smile of his and I didn't feel worried. Of course, we'd do the work together but he promised me that he'd be there for me if I ever needed anything. Come to find out, he was an quiet as I was in class but we'd had more than a few together. I'm usually pretty observant but I don't seem to ever notice when someone is giving me attention unless they make it obvious but I was glad I had him as a close friend. It helped in ways with him being the same age as me. BamBam was my biggest crush though. We didn't have classes together long but I saw him a lot in art classes and even out of school since he lived in the same direction as Mark, Youngjae, and I. He was so good looking and he was really good at painting and photography and he could model cute little butt off. I will never forget the day I blurted out that I liked him while he was standing behind me, waiting for his ride, too. I didn't know he was there, but at least he knew. Youngjae and I had carpooled home together and it was once we were back in our neighborhood that his demeanor somehow changed. He tried to hurt me because he was so heartbroken. Who would've thought he liked me like did? He never gave me any signals or anything. I thought he'd just liked me as an older sister. Apparently not. Yugyeom had, thankfully, been walking to BamBam's house that day, for whatever reason it was. He stopped Youngjae from trying to hurt me, which was definitely a surprise for the two of us since the whole thing had been the other way around in the beginning of the year. Youngjae apologized. I forgave him and agreed to give him some time to himself, heading with Yugyeom to hang out with him and BamBam. Things smoothed over well and BamBam even asked me out. My senior year was a rollercoaster but it was all worth it. ♡
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