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Hikaru and Haruhi are the perfect couple. Even though most would not think so. The little air time they had together was magical!
Haruhi is very focused on her friend and even though she is oblivious to the others feelings. And Hikaru is just leaning to embrace his own individuality ouside of the comforts of Kaoru.
Not to mention it was his brother Kaoru that pushed him to Haruhi. Kaoru always seems to be so selfless ans more open. He loves his brother so much that he would separate themselves just for that. because he knows they wont always be able to be together forever.
PLEASE! Tell me who you ship! (oh yeah I've only just started reading the manga. but i've watches the anime 7 times)
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and before anyone asks..... Yes the two little girls are actually them :)
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Umm sorry but I ship the bros馃槄馃構馃檭鈽猴笍馃馃馃
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Awesome card!! Love it :) They seem like a great ocuple
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yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!
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