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F(x)Solo Concert News
So after seven long years, the four girls if F(x) finally have their own solo concert!!!! Man how I wish I was there....these girls were the second girl group I discovered and I never looked back! From disappointed like SM not treating them right and sometimes feeling like they forgot about these girls....to scandals which ultimately lead to Sulli leaving the group..... I stuck with them through thick and thin and....now that they have made this huge achievement I wish the best for them in their future!!!!!
But......you guys want to know something even cooler?!?!?


Like you guys don't know how happy I am atm!! To finally have a name and not just say I am F(x) fan..... a name!!! Our fandom name is MeU!!! Its cute and simple just like our girls...their really hasnt been much news about it since they just announced it!! So MeU's....how do you like the name? Or do you hate it? What would you have preferred to be called? The gif's represent how I feel! The official link (I checked) https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153775541275907&id=12642315906&fs=1
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Ok I've actually heard a couple of their songs and loved them but I'm still new to them so I'm confused... I know Sulli left and there were 4 girls left but in all their recent performances I've only seen Krystal, Amber, and Luna together. Is Victoria still with them??
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i like it.
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@krin yes she is
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yaaay! finally!!!
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I love the name, makes it seem as if we r closer to them then we are
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