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Ryeowook twitter update
슈키라 89.1 레이디 제인누나, 에이젝스 형곤 그리고~~그 겨울 바람이 분다의 송혜교씨 친구로나왔던 임세미씨가 나옵니다~~^^ 오늘 미니드라마에서 려욱과.. 러브라인이안 소문이 ㅋㅋ Sukira 89.1 Lady Jane, AJAX Hyunggon and~~that winter the wind blows' Im Semi that is appearing as Song Hyegyo's friend are here~~^^ For today's mini drama(,) there are rumors.. that there is a loveline between Ryeowook and ㅋㅋ (5 hours ago)
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