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Your excitement starts to fizzle as the long journey begins to take its toll. Crowded airports, crowded planes, and trans-Pacific flights while crammed in to too small of spaces, can be wearing. You tried to nap, your body said “no”. You’ve walked circles on the plane, down one aisle, through the galley, and back up the other side. It has only somewhat kept the fidgets at bay.
Your nerves are increasing the closer you get to landing. You didn’t even tell them you were coming; you thought it would make you appear creepy and stalkerish. However, when a chance to visit South Korea presents itself, you’d have to be crazy to turn it down. You know where they hang out, if there is ever time in their schedule. As you worry your bottom lip you wonder if that is even possible, to simply “show up” at the same time, without having to stake out the eatery all day every day.
The announcement comes that you’re landing so you buckle up, then try to smooth your hair and check your make-up. Not that there will be anyone to see at the airport; however, in South Korea you never know. It’s not like you were going to get a chance to ever come again, may as well look for every opportunity.
Disembarking into the noisy over crowded airport, it would be easy to spot if an idol was around – simply look for all the screaming people. As luck would have it, just past the gate area, a rumble can be heard heading in your direction. You move over to the side, hoping you won’t get run over in all the confusion. A tall, (well tall for an Asian) dark haired man is trying to make his way forward through the ever growing mass of people. Cell phones, cameras, crying females, none of which are caring if someone happens to be in their way. He has a face mask on, comfortable travel clothes, a hat, but interesting, no sunglasses. Watching those around him you shake your head, feeling sorry for the poor idol. Your movement catches his eye and just for a moment his eyes swing towards you. Beautiful but tired eyes look at you as he gives a slight head bow of apology. It isn’t even his fault, he’s famous and beloved, yet he takes it as his responsibility for the actions of his fans. You give a small smile back and hope in your head that he can get some rest wherever he is headed.
The company that hired you to write the travel piece on South Korea was supposed to send a car. Standing on the corner in the cold, while searching driver cards for your name is not pleasant. Why was it so freaking frigid in this country? Fact 1: Never travel to South Korea in the winter unless you’re looking for free cryogenics. Wow! Even layered up with 3 layers and a coat your chest is screaming in pain. If this is what it feels like to have your nipples aroused, your thinking you never want any part of it, ever!
About 7 cars down you see your name in print under Big Hit Entertainment. You start walking briskly but since your legs are starting to go numb, you’re pretty sure you look like a gimpy hippo. You smile at the driver who takes your bag and holds the door open. You melt into the pure bliss that are heated seats the moment your butt lands. You can feel the heater blowing on your frozen face. Maybe that’s what you should title the article, “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you”. You smirk at your own joke knowing full well that the client would not be as amused as you are. You start praying for the car ride to last a really, really long time; like maybe until Spring? Knowing you will have to get out again, much sooner than you want, you sit on your hands to help speed up the thawing and get the blood circulating.
Just as the pins and needles start shooting down your fingers, your phone goes off. Less stiff, yet more painful, you gingerly wrap your fingers around it to pull it from the depths of your bag.
NJ: Long day just got a break how are you?
You can’t help but smile down at the Line App and again wonder if taking this assignment and not saying anything had been wise.
ME: Same really, long day, ready to turn in.
Wait- Crap! You moan as you realize you’ve already hit send. Dropping the phone you hide your face in your hands. Did you just give yourself away? Tired texting seems to be as bad as drunk texting and not something you should be doing.
NJ: Turn in? aren’t you just getting up? Did you not go to bed last night?
You need sleep, I don’t like it that you don’t take care of yourself.
You close your eyes and smack the phone repeatedly into your forehead. Two seconds later it rings again.
TAE: What? Why are you not sleeping?
Oh… so cute, so sweet, so not what you can handle after an all night flight and no sleep. Quickly you send off a reply to both of them.
ME: I am fine you two no worries but thank you for the care.
NJ: of course we care you are friend worthy of caring. Break is over you get sleep
and write after you awake.
TAE: Ok you sleep. Lovers you.
One of these days you are going to have to correct him but right now its precious and you want to just keep it as a private little joke. You throw your phone back in the bag with a groan. How could you not smile at them? It was YOU, you are groaning at as you sit back and throw your head against the side window.
OK time for me to binge read this story lol 😊 I'm finding this just now, and you write such binge worthy stories!!
@MrsChanyeol not a guy on guy.. and since you have a thing for namjoonie
I think I started this too late at night when I have to work in the morning. But it's my boys - Rap Mon and TaeTae! My 2 favorites in BTS (and pretty high in all time faves). Must keep reading...