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Hey everyone! So I know January is typically the month that everyone goes hardcore with their New Year's resolutions. But a lot of people fade out after this month. This card is made to motivate everyone to stick to it and keep on working hard to better your lifestyle!

Working out

The problem that causes many to quit after so long is the fact that they start right when the New Year does. People aren't used to it so it makes the mental side of it more difficult. Solution? Start your New Year's resolution two weeks before the year begins. That way, it will become part of your everyday routine and it will just feel natural as the year starts. You can pick whatever you want to work on whether it be cardio, legs or arms!
Excuse my bare face! >. I always set my alarm 30 minutes before I usually would get up and I get to it! Every morning I do -100squats -20 arm lifty things each -Plank for 1 minute then rest for about five minutes and -30 sit-ups I drink a lot of water afterwards and a meal replacement shake to get the protein back to help build my muscles. I love food still so I make eggs with no cheese and some whole grain toast! You can have whatever floats your boat, breakfast is the most important meal of the day so try to eat something!
If you want to check out my workout playlist, then go see my card! Well, what's your favorite workout? Or if you don't workout, what was your New Year's resolution? OR if you don't believe in resolutions, what's your morning routine? I'm making a morning routine card so stay tuned! @alywoah @thepinkprincess @kpopandkimchi @tessStevens @nicolejb @shannonl5 @danidee @maddie27 @ercurrent
Thanks for the tag :) I've been working on this myself, focusing on yoga and running. but I need to add a little weight training into my schedule too!
ugh, I have to say it is the worst, but I secretly love it AFTER @felicityautumn I just try to think about that feeling
Cant wait for your routine card!
I applaud you for cardio. I HATE cardio and I try to do everything I can to do the minimum @nicolejb
YAHS!! This snow is crazy!@shannonl5
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