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As metioned in my previous card......I've been on a bit of a Seungri vibe today
but I think there's something we need to talk about
something that needs to be shared
A very important asset
do you know what Im talking about
if you know what I'm talking about
than 5 brownie points for you
if you dont
well I guess I should tell you
oh you thought I was talking about his butt didn't you ;P
I guess that should be appreciated too
Appreciation squad asseble!!! GDRAGON READY!!
Jiyongs got it covered
right Ji~(^.^)~
See I didn't need to appreciate his butt.....I was already done for me XD . . . @lovetopia
I thought you were talking about his butt!!!Cause it only showed photos of Seungri's butt. ....!!!But also his legs!!!!!
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His legs are just... wow😂👏 I agree with you @KwonOfAKind😂 there is definitely something that needs to be appreciated in those pics😅
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As I was the only ↝one↜ got tag in this...@Kwonofakind *clear throat* (don't make it too obvious... people will know... I love Butts😲😲😲😲)
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I busted out laughing when I realized "Obsession" by GD was playing while I was looking at those card 😂😂
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damn panda nice butt... I mean legs
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