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So, I was tagged by @heidichiesa. Thank you! ^^ And this is another game by @ashleyemmert. You can find the original game card here. ♡


Marrying: Yoongi The Best Man: Seokjin Your First Love: Namjoon The Wedding Crasher: Jungkook Your Best Friend: Namjoon Drunk the Whole Time: Jimin Stole a Kiss: Yoongi


This was it. You know, that big moment that so many people dream of. It was the big day. Me. Me, out of all the people in the world... I was going to join the married community. I stared at the pastel dress I was wearing, making a face at my reflection. I couldn't help but to remember how much time had been spent altering the dress because of my height. Being short has its advantages. People in the fashion world though don't care. My mother and sister and my two best friends all kept telling me to relax. All I really had wanted to do in the first place was elope but somehow everyone found out. I blame my sister. There's no doubt she'd heard me talking about it with the man I'm going to be meeting down the aisle in... Wait. How much time was left before I was to walk down the aisle? The knock on the door answered that. "Let's get you down the aisle," my mother interjected, a step ahead of me as she guided me out of the door. My mother was the one walking me down the aisle. We kept making jokes about her keeping her gun around just in case my husband slipped up. I knew she wouldn't do anything to really hurt him. She wouldn't have even let us date if that were the case. There I was. At the alter. Looking into the love of my life's eyes. I never would've thought that Yoongi would be the man I married. Never in a million years. Our dating had pretty much been a joke but, as time went on, we unintentionally became more serious about one another. We would hold hands more and became more protective of one another. We started spending more time together and, one day, our friends had actually pointed out little things to make us understand that we were falling in love. To put it simply, it was probably the weirdest intervention in history but, hey, it led to a wedding, and the vows that Yoongi began to give. For someone who didn't talk much, he undeniably had a way with words. His gift, to be quite honest. After giving my vows, the preacher asked that infamous question: "If anyone has any reason that these two shall not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace." I noticed a figure entering at the back of the room, quietly. It was Jungkook. He hadn't been invited, so I couldn't understand why he was there. I had nothing against him and it was the cutest thing whenever he'd call me "noona," but, deep down, something had been telling me not to let him come. It dawned on me when someone suddenly yelled in the midst of all the silence. "You can't marry each other," Jimin was yelling, tears in his eyes clear even from the alter. Now, I remember. I'd figured that if I didn't invite Jungkook, Jimin wouldn't even come. He came anyway though. And he wasn't happy. Yoongi and I shared a glance. He had never been happy about Yoongi and I being together and I couldn't tell if it was because he liked me or he liked Yoongi. He never cared about being a third-wheel when it came to us and would hang around every chance he got, making sure to get in our way of getting close. It clearly didn't stop anything. I wasn't sure if I was happy Jungkook had popped up because, to make matters worse, he had gotten into a fight with Yoongi the past week and neither of them would tell me what it was about. Regardless, Jungkook muttered a quiet apology, mouthing the words directly at me and Yoongi before escorting the drunk Jimin out for the time being. The preacher repeated his question and the silence stayed this time. Soon, thankfully, Yoongi and I were kissing, confirming that we were now husband and wife. At the reception, a familiar voice caught me in the hallway after I'd changed into my reception dress. It was so much better for me to move in. I stopped and turned around, spotting Namjoon and his dimpled smile greeting me at the other end. He was my first love and that wouldn't change. I couldn't stop myself from running into his arms and hugging him tightly. "So, you finally tied the knot. And here I thought it would've been me." He was trying to crack a joke but it made both of us sad. We hadn't had the worst breakup or anything but that flame from a first love never really dies easily, even with him having become my best friend over the years ever since we broke up... It was still there. Whatever that spark was, it still existed. We hadn't realized we were still hugging until someone cleared their throat. Blinking, Namjoon and I flashed each other a smile. He gave me another hug and told me he was proud of me. I said the same to him and we unconsciously held hands for a brief moment, walking toward Seokjin, who was standing at the other end of the hall. He looked prepared to bang us over the head with a frying pan or something. "Your husband is looking for you, Amber," my husband's best man narrowed his eyes at me a bit. Seokjin didn't understand my relationship with Namjoon and I didn't blame him. We didn't get it either. I was married now though and we couldn't be anything more than friends now. The oldest disappeared and Namjoon took my hand, giving it a squeeze before flashing me another smile. "I'm still your absolute bestest friend and no one can beat me, got it?" "Got it," I couldn't help but to smile as he headed off to join the other guests at the reception. An arm slipped around my waist, snapping me out of my daze. Looking up, I leaned into Yoongi's hold. "You've got me," he stated, tilting my head up to look at him. "You're all mine and I'm all yours, Yoongi." I barely got the words out before his lips met mine, stealing a kiss in the shadows of the reception room. As shocking as it was, I'd gotten married. I'd gotten married and I was happily in love with my husband. ♡