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This is from Steven Deng and i failed so bad.... Watch the video,sibscribe to him cause he is super funny and comment of you failed and at what round. I failed right when it started...
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i made it through without fangirling. surprisingly. on the outside at least, on the inside i was dieing xD
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@Isolate lol congrats. At first I was like "I got this" the I saw Jimin ripping his shirt then I was like "nope...nope"
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Round 1-8 I was smiling like an idiot but round 9... I STARTED SCREAMING LIKE I WAS BEING MURDERED... In a way I was like JIMIN HOW ARE YOU SO D🌸MN HOT?!
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well I failed in round 1 because of Jimin but rounds 2-8 I fangirled on the inside then Jimin biased wrecked me in round 9. I just don't see how you can stay calm during those seconds....
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